FTW studio repairs underway full speed

Aside from repairs to your home being done well, you want them done quickly. I promise to start posting some hobby content, but I wanted to share the progress that has been made in the past week on the house. The next time I post something about the studio, it will be the end result. I'm hoping everything stays on track and if it does, I'll have my studio back in about two weeks.

Here the roof has been repaired. A little bit of truss work, some outside wall work and all the plywood you see there is brand new. So many holes were found that they ended up replacing 12 of the 20 sheets that make up the back half of the roof. The floor has been put back in to the point of the closets.

More drywall will be coming out (mainly the ceiling), but that's for a professional to do. I can paint toy soldiers, but I can't hang or mud drywall to save my life. I'm told there's a trick to doing it well, but it escapes me entirely.

With the drywall guys scheduled for this week, I needed to install all of the insulation. I suppose I could have contracted the job out, but for every job you pass off, you add more time to the project overall. I figured I could tack up insulation and I don't think I did too bad of a job in the end.

Here's the ceiling of the laundry room directly below the rebuilt portion of the studio. Notice the professional insulation job there. It doesn't hold out as much heat as it does noise. It's much quieter in the house now with the stuff up. Still very hot upstairs, but I suspect the drywall will do a good job of keeping that back. Trying to cool the outdoors for the past month with our central air conditioner has been tough. The power company sent us a very nice thank you card though.

And last but certainly not least is my trusty companion. She has been right next to me all day long. Despite her fears of shop vacs and loud noises, she has hung in there to the end. I just have to keep sweeping up my mess as I go along so she doesn't get anything stuck in her paws as she walks around with me.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me through this monster project. Not how I planned on spending my summer. And to add insult to injury... my Dad had a tree fall on a fence down on his farm. No big deal until the cows he has started getting out. In the process of fixing it for him, I now have poison ivy, oak, or something-or-another all over both of my legs.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. I will be getting to build a killer model in my new renovated and high-speed studio for one person chosen from everyone who has helped support the site. I'm going all out on this one.

Thank you!

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  1. Fantastic work so far mate. All that follow your site appreciate the time that you put in.

    Can't wait to see the finished studio.

  2. I can only echo what dewi has said.
    Keep at it and can't wait to see the finished studio.
    Oh almost forgot, glad to see your partner in crime has stuck it out with you on this.

  3. My contribution is minimal I have to say. I'm only taking on those smaller projects I know I can do that will keep the process moving.
    Te bigger things I have to contract out. There's just too much to do.

    And my partner is in this one all the way. She keeps a close eye on things for quality control.

  4. Maybe it's for the best that you don't know how to do the drywalls. If you did them yourself, they would probably end up looking like they just stepped in from the battlefields of the 41st millennium. I'm not sure how well that would go over with your wife. Also, knowing you, you'd probably end up using a metric ton of weathering pigments on those drywalls ;-)

    Seriously though, it's great to see that the repairs are going well! I know how much those kind of repairs suck, so I wish you all the best and smooth sailing from here. Finally managed to do my part for your studio's restoration yesterday as well. Can't wait to see the first new projects coming out of your reborn studio ;-)

  5. KrautScientist: All kidding aside... I can't drywall. I've tried before to do it before and it does kinda look like a wall in a battle damaged building. It's pathetic really.

    I lack that certain innate ability to put it up straight and hide the seams. So I'm comfortable with my place in all of this with pulling out old nails and cleaning up behind folks so they can come in and do the magical stuff like drywall.

  6. I tried to help my friend with some home improvement work he was doing. After I finished he came over and said, "If you were on my crew I would probably fire you haha." I made it look nice in the end with the paint on top, but caulking is not something I should do professionally.

  7. Reid: Now surprisingly, caulking is one of my stronger skills. I can caulk just about anything and get it quite nice looking in the end. Most anything that is.

    I caulked around my tub after my friend helped me replace a broken tile (and by help, I mean he did it for me).

  8. Glad to see that the process of getting things back in order is progressing.

  9. Looking good Ron, hope the rest goes as smooth as well!

  10. Svartmetall: Slow and steady. Waiting to hear back from the drywall guy now for the time he'll be here this week.

    It'd frustrating because I have the projects lined up, I just can't get them done as fast as I'd like.

    Hephesto: Me too! Aside from the washer and dryer, there have been no other "big" hurdles to try and clear.

  11. nothing helps relieve the stress than sharing it with a friend who'll stand by you through thick and thin. (My dog is breathing his hot fetid breath all over me as I type this!)

  12. Arg mud! Drywall, bad! Back seizing... Glad to see it's going well. The look on your dog's face sums up an event like this perfectly :/

  13. I call Shinanigins sorry
    You can cut and measure platicard to the micrometer but cannot measure cut drywall?
    You are paying those guys hard earned mini money.
    And the trick to mudding is sanding lots and lots of sanding :p

  14. quietviper: She's quite the trooper and has hung in there all the way. Loud noises and all.

    Zab: Now that I look at her, yes it does.

    Will Wright: Cut... yes. Attach to the wall and mud it in place. Nope. I have tried too. It's pitiful looking honestly. You wouldn't think it would be so tricky, but there is definitely an art to do it well.
    And the Wife (for as supportive as she is) is not going to tolerate me practicing my drywall skills in the upstairs bedroom.

  15. Ahhh you softie that is how you learn,practice makes perfect :)

    Then again when I look at my entranceway that a couch punched a hole in I fixed,You might just be onto something ;p

  16. But then again you would never know I put my foot (well whole leg true be told) through the living room celing while fixing the upstairs floor :o

  17. Wow, I picked a helluva day to actually come back and check out From the Warp. I got hit by those storms as well. Was with out power for a little under a week. Not really sure which I'd rather deal with: literally having nothing to do for hours on end because there is nothing that can be done with out electricity, or cursing while I clean up from a tree coming through the roof.

    That aside, it's good to see the repairs are going well. And look on the bright side: it's the perfect chance to re-organize and re-design your studio.

  18. Michael: Without power for a week! Holy cow. We only lost power for a day, but we obviously had some other issues.

    We had a generator running during the time the power was off to keep certain things (like the fridge) running.

  19. Hi Ron,

    Great to see the good progress :)

    I read your updates working away on my GD entry and as the washing machine is beside me in the kitchen spinning away, i thought of your plight.

    Saw a wee donation to you (working out the old £-$ was fun so went for a round number hehe.

    Hope you get it all sorted soon and clean clothes spill forth.


  20. Richard: Thank you kind Sir! It looks the drywall work may indeed be finished this week. I'm expecting the workers to appear any minute as I sit here typing.


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