Win a Warhammer 40k character model!

That's right, help support FTW and you can win a Warhammer 40k character model of your choosing. While I don't usually do things like this here on FTW, I think this is the perfect way for someone to walk away with a custom model for their 40k army and help me stick it to my insurance company.

What can you win?
A single Warhammer 40k miniature custom built, converted and painted to your specs. You read that right, one model built and painted exactly how you specify (as best as my skills allow of course). This includes everything from adding tiny greenstuff elements to extensive repositioning of the pose to freehand work and weathering. I will cover ALL the costs associated with the construction and painting. The only limits are what I can do in terms of modeling and painting.

It can be a character that already exists that you want done, something that is only in the background that there is no model for right now or something of your own creation entirely. It's up to you to decide if you win.

To keep this manageable, I can do a 25mm or 40mm round base (or a bike sized base if that's what your character is riding). There's some leeway here, I just need to know what you're interested in having done. And the base (resin or completely custom made) is included as well. In fact, if you just wanted it built so you could paint it yourself, we can do that or if you have a character model already and you just want it painted, we can do that too.

If the response to this is big enough, I may be able to up the ante to a 60mm sized base which would allow for even more work and accommodate things like dreadnoughts and Daemon princes and the sort.

Everything is included, all you have to do is support FTW for a chance to win and if you're chosen, simply let me know what you'd like to have done. I'll cover the cost of shipping and handling of the finished model to you wherever you are in the world.

Why win a Warhammer 40k model?
This is not so much for me as it's for my Wife. With the recent storm that destroyed our upstairs room (my studio), a considerable amount of water came down through the house into the room below. And by considerable, I mean enough to fill an Olympic sized pool... three times. At least that's what it felt like standing there with buckets trying to catch what we could that night.

The room that took the majority of the water damage happened to be the Laundry Room where our washer and dryer are located. In fact, as luck would have it, the waterfall was directly above the washer and dryer. My Wife's favorite washer of all time I might add. She's not really attached to the dryer, but that washer holds a special place in her heart for some odd reason.

Like most folks I'm willing to bet, we don't have new appliances. I think our dryer may be older than me. After the storm, they ended up covered in water and debris for a few days while the bigger things were taken care of. The insurance company said they would repair or replace them with repair being the first option. So we had a professional come out to look at them (for a $75 fee of course). Despite the beating they took, both are still clinging to life and so the insurance company isn't going to budge on them.
We get to keep them, but they are in much worse shape now. We'd like to pull the proverbial plug, but we can't.

How do you help support FTW and possibly walk away with a new model?
Entering is easy. It's done through Paypal. For every dollar you kick in, you are entered to win with one chance. Five dollars gets you entered five times. The drawing will be done by computer where a random number will be generated to indicate the winner.

You can enter as many times as you'd like up until the deadline. After that, I'll collect all the entries and select the winner. I won't do it, I'll have a computer program generate a random number from the total number of entries received so that it's fair. The "Help Support FTW" button is over there in the right hand column.

If you have already helped me with my studio...
If you've already helped me with my studio, THANK YOU! I'm still trying to weasel a desk out of the whole thing (after I do what everyone said I had to do in their notes... I promise the dog will get something). If you've helped out, you are already entered for the same amount you gave. For example, if you gave $5, then your name has been entered five times.

How long do you have to support FTW and win?
Since I don't have a studio right now... there's no real rush. I hope the studio will be ready to go in about three weeks. That's the magical date I'm clinging to in hopes that our life will be back to something that could be mistaken for normal at that point.

That being said, let's run this until August 31, 2012. That gives you just over 30 days to support FTW and be entered to win. August 31st will be the final day and I'll draw a winner in the first week of September. I'll contact the winner using the email address provided in Paypal and get to work on their new model.

Thank you everyone! I'm hoping this helps with the cost of a new washer and dryer for the Wife. Come to find out she has quite expensive tastes in appliances which is odd since she doesn't like to shop that much in the first place.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what I get to build in a month.

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I've obviously missed a bit of the story somewhere - but didn't you have any kind if insurance for this?

  2. Isiah: Yep, you're absolutely right. And I thought the same thing. Damaged washer and dryer means a new washer and dryer. But since the machines technically still work after weathering the storm... the insurance company said they are not going to replace them.

    I spent the last day cleaning out the dryer and I have the washer to try and do today. Working with insurance has been an eye opening experience through all of this and not everything has gone like I imagined it would.

  3. Are you legally allowed to hold such raffles? I don't know what the law says there, but in most EU countries you need to apply for a permit, have officials monitoring the lottery process etc...
    Don't get me wrong, I like this idea and would love to have an army centerpiece done by you, just don't want to see you get in more trouble because of this.

  4. Icchan: This is my way of thanking those folks who help support the site.
    Since folks are donating directly to me, I'd like to thank them for all they've given. I'm going to pick one at the end of the month (at random) and thank them for their support by giving them a custom made model.

  5. We recently replaced both our washer and dryer that were as old as our marriage (17 years) and once we did we never looked back. My whites are whiter, my colors more vivid. Good luck to your endeavor here Ron and hopefully the studio, and a new laundry suite are both in short order.

  6. Mik: Thanks. My Wife doesn't know I'm doing this. She's gone out of town for the weekend and she doesn't check the site that often so I'm hoping to sneak this one by her and surprise her in the end.

  7. This is great of you to do, Ron. I'll donate something with nothing in return, but if you feel really generous, you could do a quick squad for Black Crusade 2012, as it's wrapping up and your talent would be majorly appreciated!

  8. Jake: Thank you! I've put the Black Crusade Banner up with a link to the blog to help get the word out. I wish I could do something for the army, but I have no studio right now and the majority of my free time is spent keeping up with house repairs and the contractors that come through each day.

    I can still help get the word out though even if I am a bit late to the party.

  9. Ron, you're a legend and always will be.

    I might run next years, you can help you then with some brush magic, provided you don't cut a tree down and drop it on your house just to get out of it.. again!

  10. Jake: That hurts. We think we may have to remove a few more trees unfortunately because they no longer have the support they had when all of them were still standing.

    You let me know when next year's project comes around. I'd love to be involved if possible.

  11. Seriously what is it with women and their washing machines? My wife loves ours and it's really old. I even offered to replace it a few times now and she just can't part with it. Weird.

  12. Zab: I have no idea. She could care less about the dryer, but she is very protective of that washer.

  13. Hey Ron,

    I was in the midst of a financial pinch when you had originally posted about the damage, but was planning on donating when I got paid again - which I did, so I have! :)

    Hope things get fixed and you're back up and running soon. Better days ahead, my friend!

  14. Oh Ron, you know I'm taking the piss about doing it intentionally - repairing a roof is probably the WORST thing I've ever done on a house.

    I will say this, if I "win", I'll donate the custom figure to one of the local guys around here.

    Now you go relax a bit before watching the Olympics and tucking into repairs.

  15. Mordian7th: Thanks. I think we're over the worst of it now with the the new roof finally on. Like I mentioned in the post, the whole washer/dryer thing was a bit of a blow. We anticipated it going a different route.

    Jake: I know. While we contracted the roof work out, I can only imagine the difficulty. The roof is so steep being a cape cod style house that you can't even walk on it and you need to have scaffolding of some type to do any kind of repairs.

    I've got some insulation to install so it's ready for the framing and drywall guys this coming week. With the outside of the house done, it's time to move to the inside repairs. If I get that done today, I might sit down for a bit this evening. Maybe even put together a real hobby post with real content for Monday.

  16. What a great surprise for the wife. Your a good husband :)
    Donation is sent and I hope you can a new dryer and washer soon.

  17. Silar: Thanks! If you think GW model prices are crazy, take a look at washers and dryers.

  18. Ron,

    A wise man once told me, "Happy wife, happy life." I hope it's a huge surprise for her and that she loves the new one as much as the old.

    I already donated, but I had to do it again to say thank you for being downright awesome. It's a great contest and a true testament to how much you give to the community. I've learned a lot from your blog, as have many others, and I hope you get things settled and back to normal soon.

    May you end up with enough donations to cover anything the insurance company won't.

  19. May I recomend the Maytag Bravo quiet series washer and dryer !!! LOL my wife loves hers and since my Man cave is next to the Laundry room I have to deal with the noise, at the end of the cycles they even sing to ya =P so you can go change the laundry for her LOL. everyone knows a happy wife is a happy house. Seriously thou I made a donation Ron, I know your pain, Up here in Michigan we had Ice dams on our roof and it flooded our upstairs Bathroom, light fictures looked like mini aquariums!!! flowed down into our dining room and half bath off kitchen and into my basement!!!! we came home from a weekend to this !!! ended up dealing with our insurance company OMFG i hate these people they are so hard to deal with!! well anyway made my donation and hope all is going well

  20. Ron, its an absolute nightmare to be without a decent working washer and dryer, you have my complete sympathy, especially your wife.

    Its the end of the month right now, so I don't have much spare cash, but as soon as the pay comes in you'll be receiving a donation towards this, the least I can do after all the good you've done for our hobbies and the community.

    Chin up, as a community I'm sure we'll be there for you.

  21. Just yesterday I was watching a video from a certain painting service. The owner was taking footage of a commission while the artist talked about some of his work. The artist started talking about the paints he used and then was (awkwardly) cutoff by the guy filming.

    After perusing the company's website they state they do not share their painting secrets..."it's like a restaurant keeping a secret recipe"

    WOW. It is their right to do what they feel they must, but it really puts what you provide the community into perspective.

    Thanks for all the good stuff. Take my money. I hope I don't win, I just want to see the FTW content keep flowing.

    Happy Wife = Happy Life = More great painting content for all

  22. That's a great idea, Ron, and obviously a great chance to win something truly awesome! My only nitpick would be that all those who didn't get around to donating yet (like me) now look kind of opportunistic, like they're only in it for the chance at winning that model... ;-)

    Anyway, hope you make a ton of additional money this way! You're a great guy who really deserves it!

  23. crazybaldhead: Thanks! I'm hoping I end up with enough just to help defray some of the huge cost. My wife understands we're on a budget (she is the best Wife in the world), but even the basic models are insanely expensive these days.

    EllisW: She won't let me do laundry anymore. That's not true... I can still wash the dog's blankets and towels. A long time ago, I shrunk one of her sweaters. By the time I was done with it, it wouldn't even fit on the dog. I felt bad for doing it since she liked the sweater so much. I was just trying to help.

    Andy - bG: I go with her to the laudromat. I don't like the place at all and I don't like her going alone. We're spending a small fortune to use those machines there.

    Jeff F: I suppose that's where I'm a bit different. I'm more than happy to show folks exactly how I do things. I've even done work for some folks and had them turn around and email me asking for the exact painting formula so they could continue to do it on their own. No problem.

    KrautScientist: Not at all. All donations are equally helpful. Everyone who donated before is in the running too.

    Dain Q. Gore: Thanks! I have every intention of going all out in this model to make it the absolute best I can. I want the winner to be super happy with the model in the end.

  24. I donated, I've repaired my homesteads roof, and it's a pain. FTW has been a great way to get traffic to my Studio Blog, and as a result, I'm willing to give back. Best of luck with the house repairs, and get the dog something.

  25. Jacob: Thanks!

    And as a side note, the dog is doing well. She's not too fond of all the construction stuff in the house since it's pushed her out of her normal areas, but she's tolerating it well.

  26. ; ) I am very very pleased to hear about the pooch!
    Hope you guys are able to get back to some kinda of normalcy soon!

  27. Falconator: Everyone is worried about the dog. It's so odd. I can't begin to count the number of folks who said I need to get something for the dog.

    I think the whole getting back to normal will start to happen once we get drywall put back up in the house. Being able to see all the wall studs and rafters is a constant reminder that the house is broken. It starts to wear on you after a while.

    On a more positive note, we now have electricity in our whole house again. I can go upstairs without a flashlight now.

  28. Ron I am guessing Isiah has never had to put in a claim.
    The Insurance company tries to weasle thier way out of everything.
    Like my nieghbors tree falling into my pool,since is was not part of the house Act of God from both mine and the nieghbors insurance.

  29. Donated as much as I possibly could.
    Greetings from Germany

  30. Ron, when I read that you and your wife were forced to visit a laundromat, well... that did it for me and I quickly donated. Laundromats have the Taint of Chaos to them. I am worried what frequent visits to such a place will do to your clothes, and your psyche. Dull white shirts and heretical thoughts await repeat customers. The Warp sucks in socks, one at a time.

    Best of luck with your ongoing repairs!

    Jeff in San Diego, CA

  31. SquadPainter: If that's what Chaos is... ugh. I cuts through you to the bone. I make her put the clothes in the machine and then come wait outside in the car while they wash.

    I try to limit the exposure to Chaos.

  32. Will: Having to file a claim (for anything substantial) is not something I would wish on anyone. Aside from the work you end up doing and the problems it creates in the rest of your life, you need to watch everyone else like a hawk. It drains the life out of you.

    I used up all of my summer vacation this year with the house. Actually I have one hour left as of yesterday (I accrue it in hours each paycheck). I suppose it's a good thing I had the vacation time saved up.

    PhilmacFLy: Thank you Sir!

  33. Mate, you need to get a job that has flex/comp time/time in lieu.. that way you can chuck in a few extra hours here and there and basically have more vacation days.

    Unless it ends up like Mrs Faolan's work, where she's perpetually up around 80-120 hours of flex.

  34. Jake: I don't know why, but my work doesn't really do the whole flex time thing. It would certainly be nice though if they used it more.

  35. Ron,

    I am as I can only imagine all the issues going on.

    Until you owned a house and had something tragic happen some just won't get it. Insurance does cover "most" things and I am sure you have a deductible. Insurance companies are not in the business to lose money. Well, let me rephrase that. They would rather lose the money through bad investments by the billions than give a policy holder their due. I am sure most know what I am saying. :)

    I am jumping in as you helped me out with tokens for about three years ago on the Death Squad game. That was very cool of you and for the same reasons Squad Painter noted. The Warp is where all the lost socks go. Socks for the Sock God!!! :)


    Da Bank

  36. Da Bank: Thanks! And you're right, they will spend thousands fighting against giving you a few hundred that you're due (even when you can provide accurate documentation). I suppose it's the nature of the beast.

    The kicker is we have to go to the laundromat later on today again.

  37. I bet you thirty dollars that your wife already knew about the post- women have a knack for just knowing things haha.

    The raffle is a great idea by the way. People do like to be charitable, but they also like winning things.

  38. Reid: I think she may be onto me. She doesn't know for sure, but I think she figures something is up.

  39. My first time commenting after stalking around for quite awhile. Your works and tutorials are awesome and has given me many inspirations, though emulating your exemplary quality of works are beyond my capabilities, haha.

    So sorry to hear that your studio got blitzed by a freak warp storm, we all know how unpredictable the Empyrean can be...

    Anyways I digress, let me help you out by sending a little sum of Imperial Credits your way to help in rebuilding your studio. Hope you can get back to work soon and show us more cool stuff! =)

  40. seth.frostheart: Thanks! And I'm almost certain my works are not beyond your capabilities. More cool stuff is definitely on the way!

  41. Hi Ron, donated mate. Ron you are a hobby inspiration. I was so sorry to hear what happened to you guys. I hope the little that I could give helps in some way shape or form. The added bonus of entering into the draw is awesome. Thanks again for all the time, knowledge sharing and encouragement you have given me and others that follow your blog here.

  42. A tree through your roof is Thor's way of saying "Studio Redesign!!"

  43. Adam: Thanks! I'll be honest and tell you every little bit helps.

    Chaos Mandatory: I would have liked something a little less violent. Maybe an email or phone call.

  44. Hey Ron, pay has come through, hope the little I can spare can come in handy for you. Cheers, Andy

  45. Andy: Thank you for the support. Folks may not realize it, but every little bit helps.

    I'm looking forward to building the model for the winner as my way of saying thanks. The support has been tremendously helpful in getting through this whole thing.

  46. And here comes a bit of help from France! Happy to help with this donation :-)
    Bon courage a vous deux!

  47. Sorry to hear your news Ron. Have donated what little I can, hope it helps a tiny bit.

    If I win though just redraw, to be honest it was this blog that inspired me to take my project online which was an amazing decision as I've had loads of people help with submissions. So you've already done enough by me ;-)

    Hope everything works out for you.

  48. Sebastien and Static: Thank you gentlemen! Every bit helps, even the smallest amounts. Those seem to add up the fastest.

    Static: The drawing will include everyone. The winner has the choice of what they would like to do. There a re a handful of folks who have already told me they are going to "pass" on the model.

  49. Hi Ron,

    I am in, too - and hope to win :) but it's not what matters most, I really like to help you in your situation, because I really appreciate your work!

    I have to say: your blog and all your small and big ideas are a great inspiration for me and my army, and a big help, too! Thank you for that, your work is just amazing!

    Best regards,

  50. Florian: Thank you for the support and the kind words!

  51. Ron, you're the man. You've always been great with giving painting advice. I'm more than happy to help you out for once. Plus, homes can be such a pain sometimes XD

  52. I'm a young lad form the uk. Your blogs on painting styles has really helped me being a novice to a much more improved painter. Would like to help and put in the draw for a chance to get an amazing centre peace . You do do custom models on request aswel ?? Would like to have a model or two made by you ?
    Kind regards

  53. blang86: Thank you Sir! Homes are a blessing and a curse sometimes.

    Jamie: I do indeed do custom work. Not so much right now as everything is being put back together in the house, but I'm hoping to get everything back on track starting with this contest model in a couple weeks.

    1. Hope the work progresses well . Know homes can be a pain. Cool well even if don't win would like to maybe talk to you bout a few custom ideas

  54. Donation made mate - hope it helps somewhat with the final lot of work you need to do to get yourself and the family (including the fur kid) sorted.

    Your blog has been one of the constants in my own time on the web, always with a useful trick or technique, or simply a great source of inspiration.

    I hope my donation can help you out with the missus - I know how important it can be having them on side (ha).


  55. Rogue Pom: Thanks mate! The fur kid has been displaced the most, but she has dealt with it well.

  56. SWEET!!! I think I will be donating $10 toward your wubulous studio! I have a Captain I need done for a new Space Marine army, and I know for a fact, as skilled as I am, you sir, can do a MUCH better job. Jump pack, Power Fist, Storm Shield. He is the leader of the nomadic Penitant Sons Chapter, who only have a mixture of companies put into 4th company (they have been gone fighting somewhere, haven't decided)101 battle brothers left of the whole chapter.

  57. Oh, and when I don't win (lol when) I would like to hire you to do some 1 or 2 models.


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