My top 5 favorite sculpts

Space Marine Terminator Librarian
Images from Games Workshop.

After the great response I got from my post on my top five color schemes, I though it would be cool to share my favorite sculpts. Basically, these are the models I love just becasue of their poses. Being able to paint them is an added bonus and I could be tempted to pick them up for just that reason.

It bears mentioning again that most of my time is spent in power armoured circles, so my choices reflect that a bit. Although I did branch out a little more here than I did with my color schemes.

1. Space Marine Librarian in Terminator Armour
Hands down, my all time favorite model. The detail, the pose... this model captures what I think a Librarian should look like and how I envision them in the 40k world. I mean who can't love this hulk of a model with all the extra stuff attached to him that isn't anywhere near practical on the battlefield of the 41st millenium?

I love everything about this model and want to include it in my next army for no other reason than the pose.

Old School Grey Knight terminator

2. Old School Grey Knight Terminator
Back when Grey Knights were tough. They have a great Codex now, but their background leaves me wanting these days. These guys are what Grey Knights should look like... not just like more Marines.

I love all the ornate details on the armour. It fits with the background as I want to remember it. Back when you didn't see whole armies of these guys, but a single squad sent to deal with whatever problem you may have.

Chaos Terminator Lord3. Chaos Terminator Lord
I remember seeing this one in a friend's army and fell in love with the model immediately. This guy captures Chaos for me.

Lots of times with Chaos models you see the standard assortment of spikes and pointy things, but his guys has some kind of horns mounted to his chestplate.

The handful of skulls that dangle from his belt buckle are an added bonus.

Space Marine Chaplain4. Space Marine Chaplain

To be honest, I'm not sure this model needs an explanation. To field this model is to make a statement.

Like other sculpts, I think he embodies the background of the model. It's not just another action pose, it's something unique here. These kinds of poses capture a moment better than the standard action pose does.

And last but not least is a model from the Fantasy range. The moment I saw this guy in a White Dwarf I was hooked.

Empire Warrior Priest

5. Empire Warrior Priest with Additional Hand Weapon
I even went so far as to build my own version of this for my Black Templars and used him for a while as my Emperors Champion. Quite the stretch I know for "counts as," but my opponents were willing to indulge me.

And there you have it. Looking back, my selection is quite limited as I've left out so many other armies and model ranges. But I've kept this to the few models that have caught my eye over time.

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  1. Nice to see an old school model in there Ron. I definitely with you on no. 1 and 2.

  2. I completely agree on that Warrior Priest... There are a few others that I'm sorry didn't make the cut... such as:

    Necromunda Outlaw with dual pistols. you know the one... he's strutting, and coming for you. Awesome, and incredibly hard to find!

    Commissar with bolt pistol (you know, the one aiming his weapon at (you just know) some poor unfortunate guardsman!

  3. my favourite sculpts are probably the original Eldar models for the Scorpion and Banshee aspects. they are simply amazing for their time, and they still stand up today. i would happily field them in an army.
    i know it isn't popular now and people just want new plastics, but i also think the sister of battle range is still incredible.
    finally, the Last Chancers are some of the most evocative and brilliantly executed models i have ever seen. the sculpts themselves are not always the best, but each model is so unique and really tells its own story. incredibly, despite their differences they still stand together very well as a single squad, unified as they are by the tattoos and neck-rings of the penal legion.

  4. I have to agree on the Librarian he is probably the nicest GW model I have ever seen. As you have said it totally captures what a Librarian should be.

  5. The Chaos Lord even has a couple extra arm choices they don't show in the picture - a lightning claw, and some sort of plasma weapon, possibly a cannon?

    Regardless, it's an awesome model, and I'm happy I snagged one at a GV charity auction.

  6. I can't argue with any of these. Great models.

  7. for me it is about the terminator chaplain, it is ...

  8. Gah, I've never been much of a fan of the Hurr! manly space marine armour so for me the list would be more like this.
    1. Solitaire - Ove got 3 of these guys in my Harliquin army, and they are without a doubt the best model I have ever owned.
    2. Glade Guard - A very nice, extensive and detailed kit, which produces what I believe to be the best rank and file units in the game (Model wise)
    3. Swooping Hawks - Graceful, elegant models in dynamic, heroic poses that really make me wish they were half decent gameplay wise.
    4. Harlequins - I don't think I need to explain why here :P
    5 - OOP Metal Pink Horrors - These guys were without a doubt the best models in the daemon line, chaotic and twisted, yet not entirely revolting, strumming the perfect balance of, well, everything! The new plastic kit is frugly...

  9. GW got so many many great minis. If you ignore the rules and the games their range is mind boggling. Many Eldar vehicles and all Dark Eldar vehicles are completely fantastic. The Skaven range is fantastic. There is no end to it.

    And then there's Forgeworld. The titans are monsters. The Eldar flyers makes you wish you had a small fortune of pound sterling hidden away.

    One model though that I find just fantastic is Queek Headtaker. If you want a painting treat/challenge pick it up. There is a lot of detail and motion in that one:)

  10. See, now that I look at what you guys list as some of your favorites, I start thinking about all kinds of other models.

    I didn't even get into Forge World stuff here. That could be it's own post all together.

  11. I do so love that chaplain, but a Crozius /and/ a power fist? That just seems so hard to justify on the table...

    I might one day find space for one on display though :-)

  12. FluffyPanda: Practical? Not at all.
    Cool Looking? You bet. I'll agree, he's most likely a display model more than a gaming model.

  13. Chaplain and Termi-Librarian are among my all-time favourites.
    Termi-Chaplain is magnificent too in detail and sculpt, but somehow the pose lacks the dynamism the PF+croesius has.

    I long for the day to see the double thunder-hammer wielding chapter master from the C:SM artwork.

  14. Petrow: The double thunder hammer pose is pure win. I've made two of them so far and I love both of them.

    Not that you can use it on the tabletop, but it just looks so cool.


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