Chaos Lord restoration complete

This is what he looked like before.

After finishing up the Flesh Tearer squad, I got back to work on this Chaos Lord model that's been patiently waiting on my desk. The first few posts about this guy went through a little bit of the restoration process. When I came back to him, my Client and I did a few more changes to the model before putting paint to him.

With all the restoration done, we sat down and ironed out the paint scheme for the model. Using the previous scheme as an "outline," we wanted to bring him into the grim dark future as it is.

Restoring vs starting from scratch
Make no mistake, restoring an old model can be much much more work than simply starting over. You really have to be committed to the process if you're hoping for results that are worth it. You will spend a considerable amount more time restoring something than you would if you just started over.

It can be worth it though. Breathing new life into an old model can be very rewarding. This guy looked much different when I first got my hands on him as you saw. Here's what he looks like now.

Chaos Lord conversion restoration final
And here he is now

He's been given quite the facelift. We've taken the "old" version and brought it up to date with a much darker and fitting scheme for a Chaos Champion of this nature. If you go back through the project posts, you can see that we took this guy completely apart, rebuilt and resculpted and good portion of him to include a number of details and then repainted him.

Chaos Lord conversion back viewThere have been a number of things changed on him from the head down. The helmet was redone along with his backpack.

We fitted or should I say added on a pair of thrusters to the new version. It fills in the backpack between the wings and gives it some mass overall.

The base is brand new as well. A few pieces of chip type bark for the rocks along with a lone Imperial Guard helmet (with skull for good measure) finish it off.

The addition of grass and a light dusting of snow add some variety and texture to the base as well and really help finish off the model and create that environment for the model. I'm actually putting together another post on this very topic.

Chaos Lord iconographyHere you can see a few more upgrades with the new model too. Both shoulderpads were resculpted to fit with the background of the model. It's a balance between using readily available bits and sculpting your own stuff when doing conversion work.

The one thing you don't want is for your final model to look like a collection of bits and not a complete model.

In the end
Like most restoration type projects, you go into them thinking or anticipating a certain amount of work. It always works out as having to do much more than you originally anticipated. This project was no different. It was a tremendous amount of back and forth between myself and my Client to make sure we were on track and this guy was getting revamped the right way.

I think he came out fairly well. Truth be told, he came out better than I was imagining how he was going to turn out. Maybe it was a case of not being able to see the end result in my mind as well as I wanted to. I just believed I could get him to turnout alright if I kept working on him.

Thankfully, my Client loved him.

My Project Link: Chaos Lord Restoration

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  1. That's one bad ass looking little dude. Nicely done.

  2. Thanks guys. Like I mentioned though, my Client loves him and that's what it comes down to most of all in the end.

  3. That is a great looking model. I love the damaged insignia on his right shoulder pad. The snow is very different from the blobs of snow I am used to seeing as well.

  4. That's an awesome model- I really like the Chaos but not super warped Chaos look. How did you paint the black on this guy? Is it the same as usual (highlight up from Chaos Black)?

  5. Wooow!
    This new version is amazing!
    I remember when you asked me how to paint black or more generally dark armours. Now I want to ask you what was the process to get this so fantastic dark grey?!


  6. Drathmere: The id4a for the destroyerd halo came from the Client, he wanted more lost imperial and not so much Chaos/mutations.

    Maxime: Thanks. It's actually just Adeptus Battlegrey carefully spplied. Obviously it starts out black and I apply a dot of the grey at the brightest point and then carefully wet blend it outward/downward into the surrounding black area. If I go to far with the grey, I can add some back and push the highlight back, but you have to be careful.

  7. The subtle change in the positioning of the arms really has given this model a more menacing air. Very nice.

  8. Sendraks: Wow, you noticed that. It was one of the tiny things we did to try and give him an imposing look and not just like he's standing there waiting.

  9. He's looking, and pardon the foul language euphemism, effing bad back end.
    His legion can be proud!

  10. Wow, that is just astonishing.

  11. What did you use for the powerclaws? Ace looking model!

  12. Anon; I believe the arms themselves are old metal terminator thunderhammer arms that have been cleaned up and sculpted as needed.

    The blades... I'm not sure.
    The attachment points where the blades "connect" to the arms were sculpted as well.

    As far as painting, it's GW Boltgun Metal with a series of washes for effect (Black, Blue, Sepia) to build up the grime and then an edge highlight to show the blade is beveled.

    Hope that helps.

  13. Am I the only one that wants and exact copy? And I don't even play chaos!

  14. Student Teacher: I don't play Chaos either, but there is something about his pose isn't there?

    It kinda reminds me of the power armoured Chaplain model where he's holding his arms outward gesturing a challenge to the enemy.

  15. My name is... batman xD
    Nice job!!!!

  16. that's an awesome model man! btw, where the helmet from?

  17. Anon: Thanks, the head started out as Typhus. Then it had a number of elements taken off and some greenstuff work done to it (the vent on the top and rivets).

  18. @Anon - Claws are from old plastic dark eldars. Either from the helmets or guns, don't remember anymore, been too long lol.


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