Thursday night's Old Timer's League: Apr 23

I really like doing these posts, it gives me a chance to sum up the week, toss in a pathetic battle report on occassion and show some cool models.
What else is there?

That's right folks... I'm going this year. Bought my ticket yesterday with the Wife's approval. I'm really looking forward to this. Now you guys can see my Deathwing up close and realize it's not all that it looks like.

But onto this week. I managed to get a game in and added another loss to my track record. In all honesty, it was Capture and Control with four objectives which is perhaps my hardest mission. And my opponent cut me no slack, he simply outplayed me and earned a well deserved victory.

It was the first game using my Scouts and I really like having them in the list... I just need to learn how to use them best. I think they've got some potential. They managed to drop a Blight drone and tie up a unit of Plague Bearers this game, but I could have used them more effectively had I deployed them better. Actually, I could have done much better overall, but my deployment was lacking army wide.

I handed this project over to my friend this week. Seeing them on the table is definitely sight. I should be able to use them next week in a game, so look for that battle report in the next Old Timer's Post.

And since I've sold my Saim-Hann force, expect to be seeing some updates on these guys in the coming weeks as I finish them up and get the last models painted.

And of course, I've got a handful of new commission projects in the works that will be popping up.

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  1. From the looks of the two vipers (excuse me if I am wrong, I amnot too familiar withe Eldar), your saim-hann would have looked pretty amazing. And I believe the Terminator artwork on the Games Day poster was from the space hulk releases...

  2. Your freehand is awesome. How do you manage to keep the color so solid, especially white over black. Painting a freehand design once is one thing, painting multiple layers of it must be hard.

  3. blang86: Thanks. Actually, once you have down the fitrst time, the following layers you're just filling in to get a smooth finish and they go even quicker.
    It's drawing it the first time that can be troublemsome.


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