Thunderhammer terminator assault squad

Even the simple projects I get require a good amount of work before I even put paint to paintbrush.

Take these guys for example. They came to me already assembled and glued to their bases. But I couldn't just start painting them...

The first thing I did was break them off their bases. Easy enough since they were just superglued. Breaking them clear of their bases lets me go in and clean up any stray mold lines and really make sure these guys are cleaned before priming.

Next, I glue a thin spacer to the bottom of their feet.
This keeps them from looking like they are sinking into the ground.
Then it's back onto their bases and sanded.

Now I'm able to start priming. There are a thousand ways to do it, but I went with black for these guys. A big concern, if not the biggest when doing commission work is matching any previous work you've done so that all the models look consistent. My painting style has changed dramatically over the past year but I still need to be able to match my previous work.

Models from the previous squad

And the finished squad. When placed next to one of the guys from the previous squad, they are indistinguishable. Success for me.

My Project Link: Space Marines Commission

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  1. Nice work, Ron! I've taken to using spacers on all my "nextgen" models. I'm hesitant to go back and break models off the bases though...imagine the pain if I break a leg off or something! Do you have a method? Cut a little under the foot and then snap?

  2. Cawshis Clay: Depends on how well they are glued in place. Usually I break them free with a little bit of rocking back and forth. If that doesn't work though, I stop. I won't go to any drastic measures.

  3. These look really good.

    I hear ya about matching previous work. It can be really hard sometimes.

  4. They look excellent, rather like the colourscheme as well. Has a bit of a Relictor feel to it and I'm a sucker for those guys.

    Great to see that I'm not the only one who is concerned with 'sunken feet'-syndrome, those couple of extra seconds spent on those spacers really help out the overall feel of the mini!


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