What does the Stormraven Gunship look like?

Image from All Things 40k by Master Darksol

We all know it's out there now, but what does it look like? For me, this cartoon will forever symbolize the vehicle. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

But on a modeling note...
Maybe Games Workshop have some art for it, maybe not. If there is artwork, I'm sure someone will be able to reproduce it faithfully given enough money and skill. I've heard from people who've seen the Blood Angels Codex that there is no image for it in the new book.

If Forge World puts out a model, that will help some of us, but what about the rest of us? What about us rank and file players who want something suitable to use to represent this new Space Marine vehicle in our armies? We've seen what's been used to represent drop pods before, I wonder what we'll see for this.

Coming from the Star Wars toy collection, this thing was used to transport Republic Troops into battle in Episode II. If I had to imagine what the Stormraven Gunship might look like (not knowing anything else about the model), this is the one vehicle that fits the bill for me.

Image from Warseer

This thing popped up a while ago and was rumored to be part up the upcoming Imperial Armour 8 book from Forge World. Definitely looks cool, but we won't know it's exact purpose until the book comes out and even then, this guy might not even be in there.

EDIT: Since this post originally came out, FW has released the rules for this vehicle and it's not a Stormraven. Still looks cool though.

So what's the average gamer to do?

Image from Games Workshop

Is this the answer? Will this become the basis for most Stormraven Gunship conversions out there? Priced like a Land Raider but with lots of work still left to do to it, is it even a viable option?

Now that we all know GW is releasing the model, we've got some other links to cruise through:
Assembled model pics by The Shiny Silver Inquisition
Pics of the new sprues by Faeit 212

Other suggestions:

Starship Troopers Retrieval Ship

UPDATE:This post first went up when the rumors started flying.
I've since gone in and tried to add more links to keep it up to date with what's happened over time. Of course we all know what the Storm Raven gunship looks like now. Sometimes it's nice though to look back at where you came from and where you're going.

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  1. Go go Hydra Autocannons! Bwahaha.

    No, in all seriousness, this is either one of the best marketing decisions that Games Workshop has made in recent times, or one of the biggest blunders - I just can't decide which yet.

    If they don't have the model available to be purchased, people are likely to spring to some conversions to get the job done, which, in turn leads them to sell models from the existing range. When they do have the model available, people will want to replace their conversions with the official model. Alternatively, if Forgeworld is holding out for this, then it will also have the same natural divide that Forgeworld always brings – those who can afford it, and those who can’t.

    Perhaps one of the compound problems with this method is hoping that customer’s dollars last long enough to support this method. Anyway, that is just speculation, and who knows exactly what is going on there with all the rumored changes going on.

    The other problem doing it this way is trying to predict the size of the model. We all know that Games Workshop transports seem to vary widely in size and are traditionally too physically small to carry the numbers of troops they are intended to carry (with a specific notable exception for the only model already on the new flight stand, the Valkyrie/Vendetta). Without a guideline on how big to make it, and how to mount the weapons and so forth, it seems like it could cause some problems later on. At least I feel fairly safe going for the Valkyrie flight stand.

    All and all, this just confirms my suspicion of more and more skimmer-flyers that are going to be appearing in the game. It’s time to make some moves as a General to counter this. They are really a sort of novelty item, and with a special base being made for the Valkyrie, you just know they can’t leave it alone – they’re going to need to use it. The Stormraven won’t be the last skimmer-flyer.

    What is interesting is the fluff seems to indicate that it is used by other chapters, and specifically the Inquisition/Daemonhunters/Grey Knights segment. I wonder if with all the releases they have been doing for the Blood Angels they might be saving this for the rumored Inquisition reworking. Obviously Games Workshop likes to release things in waves…

  2. I'm eager to get my hands on the Dex and see...SURELY there's some sort of concept art in there that hints at the size/shape? Otherwise I'm converting something stupidly small - like a Rhino with Deff Kopta rotors. Not for in-game benefit, but to highlight the stupidity of (AGAIN!) releasing something everyone will buy with no model to represent it.

  3. King: I spoke with someone who has already seen it and they say there's nothing (artwork) in there. Just the stats.

  4. @The King Elessar, veteran players of 40k will be very familiar with GW release rules for units that were given models. Back in the 80s,90s it seemed like most of the unit didn't have their own models. This is done to encourage modelling and I don't think it is stupid. By providing a unit with great rules but no model, GW is inspiring and encouraging you to make your own model. Don't fret, get your creative juices flowing!

    However on the contrary, I think in this case they added the Storm Raven to the Blood Angels codex to sell valks to BA players.

  5. Do to the fact that their is no artwork, I am inclined to agree with Old Shatter Hands that this is a way to sell Valks to BA players, a few conversions and it will have the appropriate weapons.
    That being said, King has the right idea: if you don't even have concept art, how do you expect players to stay "true" to the model. I would also be inclined to base it off a small transport....for no other reason than to point out the stupidity of making the stats for a killer model and not releasing it with even concept art.

  6. that cartoon is cracking! but with regards to the "stormraven" well as I'm not going to be collecting BA (i've enough toys!)it does give scope for those people out there to convert something up, I'd be tempted to base it on a landing craft from ww2, simlar to the WIP picture but a complete assault ramp not two seperate sections, or the other idea would be some thing from starship troopers


    not quite the style of the 40K universe but bang some skulls on there and the jobs a good un ;)

  7. Funny that Anton recommends using the Starship troopers pod, as I was thinking the same thing. Funnier still that Forgeworld just released something that could be the ship part of that (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/skytalon.htm). Now all you need is design the pod it carries.

    This train of thought, and the idea that most BA players will purchase a Valkyrie to "count'as", then reminded me that the cabin part of the Valkyrie is a separate sprue. All GW has to do, with little additional cost, is design a new, suitably BA themed cabin sprue, with a new set of weapons, and they can release it as a Storm Raven.

  8. i really need to paint "your army sucks" onto the parchment of my next vehicle... haha... brilliant.

  9. Considering the second release wave is likely to hit in August (after initial 8th Ed WFB release) then the Stormraven will undoubtedly be kept for the usual big 40k "present" for the Christmas releases a la Fortress of Redemption.

  10. I would expect the Stormraven to have a similar look to other space marine vehicles - boxy, possibly thawk or thawk lander like in appearance. The Skytalon does look cool, but it doesnt really have the crew space as that is replaced by the carrying area for the tauros.

    I like the trend toward skimmer/flyers in 40k, it's as if GW is realising that some modelers are treadheads, and some are fighterjocks. I love aircraft, the X-wing was probably the first model I ever built (it was snap together and I was about 4 or 5). Though I think to "balance" the game, every army would need access to both a flyer and an aa platform. IG definately has both, and rules for most armies alreayd exist via Forgeworld. Plus don't forget Daw of War had flyers in the last expansion before Dawn of War 2.

  11. Well, this LEGO kit would probably work awesome: http://www.1000steine.com/brickset/AdditionalImages/7676-1/7676-0000-xx-33-2.jpg

    It's probably even the right scale, considering how the lego characters fit into the hold, looks like you can have 6 models on each side. It even looks like it can carry a Dreadnought on the back.

  12. why would you have absolutely no image or model to represent a new unit never before seen? Sometimes I think the people who design these codices are just playing cruel jokes on us, because i refuse to believe no one thought this would be a problem

  13. http://www.amazon.com/Star-Clone-Republic-Gunship-Revell/dp/B0031XZ9FO

    I don't post here regularly but this snap together is 150 bucks cheaper than the hasbro toy version

  14. In the latest GW Spearhead email, there appears a transport like ship firing a bunch of missiles. A glimpse of the Stormraven perhaps?

  15. That's a Thunderhawk, dude. Unless you're referring to the Landspeeders flying around in the background, which is what that FW model looks like--really FW? A giant landspeeder? C'mon...

    Now this on the other hand: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3037/2943622038_db2407935c.jpg

    Well, it's from the Matrix, but not a bad idea. I wouldn't object to this monstrosity either:


    And if you shove the Batmobile into the Aliens dropship, you get this thing:


    Which is a step in the right direction, except for A) those prow gear block the pilot's field of view for no good reason (and are too splayed out to offer good support), not to mention block that nose turret's fire arc, and B) those canards are waaay too thick. Also, C) where the hell are the engines?

    The more I think about it, the more it becomes apparent that they just didn't have an idea of what stuff looked like and wanted to get the codex out now now now! At least the Tyranids codex has pics of the MC's in it. They might as well have just put out the BA book stuffed with old RT-era artwork.

  16. I plan to use one of those alien hovercraft from the horrible battlefield earth movie. You can find them kicking around for 20-40 bucks and they only need a little work to add weapons and a more 40k feel, and they are very large, about 2 landraiders long. Easily capable of carrying 15 guys or more plus dread.

  17. If I was any good at converting and had some money, I'd totally just slap valkayre wings on a land raider Crusader. Nothing's more cooler than a landraider swooping out of the skys going ur dead!!!!

  18. I had an idea it looks a bit like a Starship troopers dropship. Cockpit from a landspeeder with the valkyrie canopies stuck together, a choppped up Rhino turned backwards underneath held by valkyrie wings and the engines on top with the valkyirie tail booms the other way round so the tail bits point inwards its a working progress should have a pic in about a month or so

  19. Like dude said earlier, I'm going to take The SW Episode 2 Clone Transporter as a basis;


    with this frunzy sprue for proper dakka;


    (Since I'm intending to give it a multi-melta and Assault cannon)

    Since there be no art, and since Spess Mehreen transport looks bulky,
    I'm going to lower the model a bit, with the same wings, but lower on the main body.

    The guns underneath the cockpit will be where I put the Assault cannon, where as the Hurricane bolters will be on the wings.
    The Melta gun will be used by a marine in the open part where the troops stand (a bit like it's with the Clone transporter).

    The One shot missiles will either be lose missiles form IG weapon teams or hunter killer missiles, or somehing less expensive when I can find that.

    I'm intending to get 2 of these f*cks in my 2000 point army, So let's hope this works out well.

  20. I plan to use a land speeder storm or tempest 'cause my friend plays imperial guard and i didnt wanna tick him off anymore than he already is by using a valkyrie. plus, the storm is cheap, and comes with a tank crew. the only setback is that it has VERY little transport. not enough for 12 dudes and a furioso librarian. the other issue is that the assault cannon needs to be built or converted. I just hope that someone else in the universe sees my point

  21. Anon: Yikes, isn't that a bit too small? I think you'd do much better with a Valkyrie myself.

  22. yeah, but if you clear out the back, put some stuff there... I also can't afford a valkyrie... :(

  23. i am the anonymous above, but i couldn't log in to google

  24. Jackson: I see, money can be an issue when it comes to having to convert a couple models just to come up with one.


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