Problems with Inquisitor Lok's skull servitor

Despite looking like he's recording the many great feats of Imperial heroes a roll of toilet paper, this is a really cool model once you get him assembled and painted up. Very 40k looking.

But... and this is a big one...
He's a monumental pain to build.

Talk about problems with a model. I don't even know where to begin. He's made of resin so you have all those issues to start with. On top of that, I don't know of a model with smaller parts than this guy. And talk about delicate, if you treat this model with anything other than the utmost delicate touch, you'll be in big trouble.

I actually had to break the paper trailing off the roll and reposition it better. I wasn't going to attempt to "bend" it back into shape. After that, I laid a thin strip of greenstuff along the underside of the paper to reinforce it. You'd never know it was there, but it adds a ton of support to the underside of the model.

Some washes and layering and he painted up fairly quick, but getting to the point where I could paint him was the biggest hurdle.
I'm sure he'll look great next to Inquisitor Lok but he took a huge amount of work to get him to this point.
I've still got some tiny details to touch up on him, like the power cables and making the script a little more prominent.

Now I know why I've yet to see one of these models in real life other than the one on the Forge World website.

My Project Link: Inquisitor Lok

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  1. You need to model up an inquisitional out house now!

  2. Toilet Roll, Toilet Roll?
    That's the finest tanned human skin forsooth,

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've built this mini a couple of years ago and everyone thought I was over-reacting when I was describing how difficult and frustrating it had been to assemble. I've finally found someone who can understand my pain.

  4. Brother Captain: I understand completley.


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