How many shots does that thing have?

I stopped by my FLGS the other night to drop off a few models and it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for me.

No sooner had I walked in that I was handed a copy of the rulebook and asked to read a particular sentence and give my "interpretation" of it.

UPDATE: I went back and looked up the actual SINGLE SENTENCE referenced:
From the big rulebook, Page 55, left column, 5th paragraph down...
"Any crewman that is within 2" of a gun in the Shooting phase can fire it."

To summarize:
Apparently, some people believe that the more "crew members" you have around an artillery piece or heavy weapon or something like that, the more times you can shoot it regardless of the weapon's profile.


And I wonder why I kill myself to try and play more often. I mean really, I can see a simple misunderstanding of a rule but when you go looking for a way to "spin" a rule into what you want, I think you've lost sight of the bigger picture.

Are there rules that can be confusing, sure. GW misses things and sometimes it can be tricky to figure it out but this isn't rocket science, it's little plastic toy soldiers for crying out loud.

My initial recommendation then:
Lean across the table and punch the guy in the head for trying a stunt like this. But... I would never advocate violence for something like this so I said you'd do better destroying all of their "extra" crew members until there were the same number to match the weapon's original profile.

No, I don't think that's a good option either.

I think the real solution is to up your standards and stop playing against people who play like that.
Maybe they'll get the idea... and then again, maybe not.

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  1. This may be the exception that proves the rule that "Violence never solves anything"

    OK, really the right reaction to someone who tries something like this is to calmly pack up your models, and walk away. Not as viscerally satisfying, but the right answer.

  2. LOL... Seriously? WOW! That's some major douchebaggery right there.

  3. Just call him on it... I've never had anything THAT ridiculous pop up before, but I think I'd just roll out. I've done it before. :)


  4. Over ever seen this happen once with someone trying to pull some weird trick or interpretation all through a game

    The regular members made it clear that stuff like that wasn't on.

    What really surprises me is that in your case, they jumped on you for an answer. Didn't anyone else at the club point out this was wrong?

  5. I'm curious as to which particular sentence in which particular rulebook was open to such interpretation, actually.

    I probably would've played a game like that (if I had a playable army, that is) but would feel obligated to inform them that "due to my Chaos Warband's association with pre-Heresy technology still found in the Eye of Terror, my CSM's and Renegades' ranged weapons are equipped with Warp Transponder Beacons which allow an extra shot for each due to partial overlap of The Warp into real space in the vicinity of their weaponry..."

    If the opposing player needs hip waders to slog through the amount of BS he's trying to drown the table in, then I would feel entitled to at least call down my own orbital bombardment's worth. Fair's fair, right?

  6. I've been tempted to let guy set up their entire force on the table and then walk away to a different game before over D-baggery like that.

    There are rules. for a reason. unless you feel like using homebrew and Forgeworld rules, then it's open to whatever D-baggery the author wants.

    soon it becomes a game of 4th grade "nuh-uh", "yuh-huh", "is not", "is too"... "MOM!"

  7. "'s little plastic toy soldiers for crying out loud."

    ha ha

  8. I'm going to stack some IG soldiers into a pyramid. 11 shots please, thanks.

  9. Tinweasel: I'll see if I can find the exact reference tonight when I get home.

  10. It's such a strange phenomenon to me...this rules wrangling thing that folks do to squeeze out the slightest of advantage or rules breaking.

    Usually I read a rule and understand the context and intent right away. I then play. Then in play, if I gotta wrong, we discuss for 2 seconds, read the rule and agree to an interpretation. I'm lucky in that I have 7-8 active players in NYC, so we usually put it to discussion and formalize our decision.

    FAQ or no FAQ. RAW or No RAW. We just play to have fun! What happened to fun???

  11. Beyond belief. If that were happening to me, I'd be walking out of that store with my head hung low in disgust. "Really? You need me to tell you that a weapon doesn't fire more than specified in its profile? How long have you been playing this game?"


  12. 40K is, of course, the exception to the rule. The more crewmen serving a gun, to a point, the higher rate of fire for a gun.

    Wouldn't want things in 40K universe to make any bit of sense though.

  13. Sounds like you have a lot of children who play at your store, ron. because I could only see a 13 year old pulling that rule out of his little fantasy land

  14. That store can be fun, but there are definately a HOST of children...
    and plenty of adults who act like one from time to time.


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  16. I've added the actual single sentence that was referenced from the book in the post for those interested.

  17. Wow, this is a pretty funny entry this time Ron. I didnt know that you were into writing comedy skits as well.
    Seriously though, really that is some serious stretching of the rules to get that answer out of the book.

  18. oh so you didn't know that one of orc named characters who spread cybork body all over the army do it also to trukks because rule says evry model in the army?

  19. players that try stunts like that ruin the hobby, playing against a player that will try and bend the rules or re-interperate them for their own benefit take all the fun out of an evenings gaming.
    you end up spending the full game watching for the next scam rather than focusing on just enjoying it...

    these guys are the same people that spend 2hrs camping in call of duty.. and then call it a good nights gaming...

  20. I'd say about 80% of the FAQ and errata are consumed by dealing with things like this. People just totally unwilling to interpret things reasonably, trying to eek out every little advantage they can get.


  21. GDMNW: Unfortunately, I think you're right. It comes down to people trying to "understand" it so it benefits them and not how it fits within the greater context of the game.


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