Ecclesiarch Super Heavy Exorcist Conversion

This is a Guest Post by Jon

This is a project that has been dragging on forever. By posting about it, I'm hoping I'll be pressured into completing it. My goal is to have it completed in time for Tanksgiving at our FLGS (November 28, coincidentally the day before her birthday). I'll post the finished (unpainted-- that's her job) by then.

When Apocalypse came out, my wife was disappointed to discover that her Sisters didn't specifically get anything -- so we decided to create something. I mean, the Exorcist is pretty apocalyptic all on it's own, so why not a Super-Heavy Exorcist? Call it an Ecclesiarch.

The basic Baneblade makes a pretty good base, particularly with the gothic-arch view ports. The turret goes away, to be replaced by a rather over-sized Exorcist Missile launcher. I elected to bring the rest of the deck up level with the turret ring rather than trying to grind it off.

Building the launcher was the first challenge, I knew what I wanted it to look like, but not exactly what would be needed to get there. So of course, I drafted something up in PowerPoint so that I could get the tubing sizes and angles right.

The new launcher is built from 1/4" and 3/16" styrene tubing. A mitre box makes the angle cuts pretty easy to accomplish consistently.

For reload missiles, I'm using Hell Storm rockets from WHFB, they're suitably gothic in appearance to fit the theme, and they're larger than the original Exorcist missiles to justify the more apocalyptic stats of S9. The new launcher also requires a second servitor, which I converted from a tech-servitor, the chainsaw from an IG Sentinel and more tubing.

I also wanted to use the glacis and organist from the Exorcist, which required moving the front of the Baneblade's upper hull forward 1/4".

The sponsons are getting a makeover as well -- the lascannon turrets will be replaced with Inferno cannon, and the twin-linked heavy bolters will be replaced with twin-linked Multi-Meltas.

For the Multi-Meltas, Neal at the War Store helps out tremendously; he's selling Demolisher bits that include 2 Multi-meltas and a Demolisher barrel for less than what it would cost to buy a vehicle multi-melta from the SM range. Of course, I now have a few Demolisher cannon bits to find a use for (cue evil laughter).

I cut down the sponson twin-linked heavy flamers, and attached the front-ends of the multi-meltas to make the new sponsons. The inferno cannon are built from an IG Mortar, the Heavy Flamer from a Sentinel, and some styrene tubing.

Of course, anything this scary looking on the battlefield is going to be the mother of all fire-magnets, so of course the only solution is... build two.

Maybe if we're lucky, Jon will share the rest of the building/painting process with us and maybe even some templates for you Sisters players out there who might be interested in building your own. Amazing work Jon, this thing is gorgeous. - Ron

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  1. very origonal, and extremely cool. Great idea honestly

  2. That is an awesome conversion! I think this will be the muse for churchtank...
    Can't wait to see it painted!

  3. Awesome, awesome work. to make it legendary you need to install sound and blast out Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor as they roll into battle :D

  4. You're my hero. This is a fantastic idea that you have beautifully executed. Bravo, sir, bravo.

  5. Very nice conversion and with some playtesting I bet you can make it work on the battlefield as well. I think anyone brave enough to still play sisters should be rewarded with one of these :). The old exorcist is all ready one of my favorite armies and this just makes it even cooler.

    good luck and keep us posted on the end result.

    Cheers CJ

  6. Great conversion. So simply,- yet so effective. COngratulations!

  7. Absolutely fantastic. Great to see the Sororitas get some attention.

  8. Thanks to all. I plan to do at least one more post as a follow-up. I also realize that I should probably give more detail on the hull extension/fitting the organist and glacis. As to templates, I'll see what I can do.

    -- Jon

  9. Jon, looking good. Had no idea that there was two in the works that is fantastic to see them side by side like that. All you need now is to get the wife to not take as long painting them as the terminators. :)

  10. Steve, yeah two was always the plan. Well I can't give her too much grief since it took forever to finish these. Number 1 is complete, Number 2 needs sponsons, another servitor, and reload racks.

  11. Yeah i guess when you play the music you really should have it in stereo. hahaha.

    It would be good to see them once they are finished being painted. Do you think she will use a similar technique to the sisters? Or something different since it is armor? After all I wonder where she could get any assistance with painting armor? Hmmm, who do we know that paints armor maybe someone that likes to bring the pie to the table? Do you know anyone like that Jon?

  12. may i ask you that what is name of white material?

  13. winia112: Absolutely. It's called Plasticard or sheet styrene depending on where you are in the world. Comes in various shapes and thicknesses.


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