Deathwing vs. Deathguard, the gamble pays off

I managed to get a game in with my Deathwing the other night. An absolutely great game with a great opponent. The game was laid back, easy going and a good challenge on top of that. I faced off against 1500 points of hard hitting Deathguard.

The mission was Sieze Ground with 4 objectives using Spearhead deployment. This is hands down my hardest mission since I've only got two scoring units. Before the game even started, I was playing for the draw in my mind.

Once I saw my deployment zone, I knew I'd have a tough time even getting the draw with all the open area I had to hide in. My opponent was smart enough to deploy leaving me with the one quadrant that had minimal cover so I was out in the open from the start.

I did give him first turn even knowing that I might suffer because of it. I wanted to be able to make that last turn push and not have to worry about what he was going to do. Fortunately, his first turn shooting had zero impact on me. But, losing a Land Raider due to difficult terrain on my first turn didn't help my moral.

It wasn't until turn three that I came up with a desperate plan that hinged on 3 things working perfectly... that would maybe get me the draw.

It would be a mad rush for one objective on turn four with my only surviving Land Raider, followed by disembarking my squad there and then tank shocking through 3 of his units to contest another objective.

In the end, my gamble paid off in spades and I had 1 objective under control and contested the other three at the bottom of turn five when the game ended.

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  1. I really like nice short reports. Sweet! Oh yea, where did you get your blog to show the full first post and shorten the rest and do you think my blog Gmers World would benifit from it.

  2. YAS!!! my first ever army about 20yrs ago was a chaos army and its good to see your opponent still using a selection of the original chaos renegade minis...

    and well done, that death guard army looks like a hand full...

  3. I like the short-reports too. The army looks great on the table. Good to hear you had a good time with such a nice opponent/models. (I think I know who ya played)

    ... one step closer to doing deathwing. gah

  4. Great battle summary! The armies look resplendant on the tabletop - I really liked seeing those images.

  5. hey i painted some of that army!! good to see you both had a good time, when next we meet it wont be so easy for you.

  6. Is their anyway you could get some closeups of that Death Guard army? I'd love to see some more pics of it.

  7. I really love the short and succinct battle report. Enough material to get the feel of the game and not going into the minutia.

    I love the use of the old Chaos Renegade models. I have several of those in my Death Guard army as well.

  8. Thanks guys.

    I will try and get some close ups of my opponents force next game.

    I'm trying to refine my battle report writing and keep them short with a couple of good pics.

    Gamers World: It's not for everyone, it's a good amount of work since it has to be done by hand each time you post something.

  9. Any chance we can get more pictures of the battlefield. I'm interested in the terrain.

  10. KanisX: Sorry, I only took pictures of my opponents army. I have one of some action during the game but I figured I would keep the report short and sweet.

    I can tell you we used 25% though with it being two huge semi-destroyed buildings and the rest were craters. My opponent will be doing a full report on his blog in the coming week or so and I'll see if I can get the link to it.

  11. Ron:
    Just too clarify I liked the quality of the terrain shot with your Deathwing and was curious to see more from the painted aspect and not the game report:)

    On a side note love the blog, watch it everyday.

  12. Sorry about that, I built that piece a while ago, I'll have to see if I can find some pics of it buried in my files.


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