Vulkan He'stan conversion for DIY chapter

I've been working on this guy for some time now and I'm just now getting to the point where I'm painting him. He's part of an ongoing commission I'm working on and he's been a bit of a challenge. With some many "Vulkans" out there, it can be a challenge to come up with something original.

Sometimes it's just a simple head swap to give you the look you want and sometimes you go for broke and try to create something really unique. This guy was kept simple with just a couple different bits used to make him stand out from the other commanders in the force but still look like part of the army overall.

The staff mounted flamer conversion was reinforced with the flowing purity seal. I scuplted the small wax part and wrapped index card around the staff and superglued it in place. I needed to add something to solidify the connections so this guy could stand up to regular game play.
While it's not in the picture above, a blade was added to the end of the weapon as well.

He's on a 25mm base like the other commanders so I added a small rock under his left foot to give it a slightly different look. His cape and tabard cover most of the base as it is but I still wanted to add something small to his base as an extra detail.

As for the blue, it's a color I'm trying out to make this guy stand out from the regular commander (seen in this post). I went with red before and I didn't want to repeat the same thing here. I don't think I'm going to use too much blue but keep it more like a spot color.

My Project Link: Space Marines Commission

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  1. Looks seriously sweet, Ron. You seem to have a gift for SM commanders.

    Nice touch adding the Storm Shield, even though Vulkan doesn't have one. It really makes the models stand out from the host of other Vulkan conversions that're knocking about. May i ask if there's any reasoning behind this addition other than creative licence?

  2. The shield is there to represent his additioanl armour save I believe.

  3. Makes sense. Looks cool anyway.

    Looking forward to seeing this finished.

  4. I really really like this conversion. Its one of the better Vulkans I have seen. The good bit about its is how simple it is. Nothing fancy, just a few bit swaps and some GS'ing.

  5. I have had the pleasure of seeing the rest of the Immortal Host commission you have done in person as I play regularly with the gentleman that has commissioned these models and has your old BT army. The painting on all is superb and has forced me to up my game painting wise and try new things.

  6. Anon: Wait until you see the complete bike squad. They look best of all I think.

  7. I really like what you've done with the seal and the wrapped index card - beautiful work.

  8. Yes very nice. So nice in fact it almost makes me want to get a couple 40k models to paint up.

  9. Forgot to mention this but it would be nice to see a picture of the completed commision as a whole army on the table. Now I know that it is still a work in progress but I think that it would be cool to see.


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