Eldar Wraithlord Sniper conversion

Yep, this is how it starts... especially when you have no instructions.

This is actually the second time I've built this model. I knew when I first saw it done many moons ago done by GW, I would build one myself eventually. Trouble was, I didn't play Eldar then and I still don't despite having a partially completed Saim Hann force.

My first opportunity came along a while ago where I built one for a friend just to see how difficult it was to do. It's not a terrribly tough conversion, but the model itself can be tricky and that combined with making some huge changes to it's overall stance makes this one real tough. Tougher than I remembered.

When I got my second chance to make one, I grabbed it quickly because it's such a great model but I knew I was in for some real work.

The biggest change are the legs and needing to cut them in half and resposition them so he looks like he's stalking someone. The gun is a big change too but that's really just an assembly of bits if you will.

The legs are the key part.
Going step by step, you can see how I got the new pose.

The end result is definitely worth it though.
The converted model stands out on the tabletop with a great dynamic look that you don't see with the regualr version. Proof that with a little creativity, you can take just about any model and really make it into something more with a little bit of work.

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  1. Really liking the work on the legs - it gives the final miniature such a dynamic pose, like it is hunting prey!

  2. Thanks guys, he's such a fun model to build it's hard to pass him up even though he can be a little problematic to assemble.

  3. AWESOME! When I get the chance, I'll have to do one for a friend's eldar army!

  4. Great conversion! How did you cut the legs so cleanly?

  5. Fred: Very slowly with a brand new X-Acto blade. I only had to clean up around the edges after that.

  6. so would this be legal in a normal game?

  7. Anon: I don't see why not.
    It's a weapon he comes with (although I don't know what it is)... and the scope is just for looks really, it has no actual in-game purpose other than to look cool.
    All I did was reposition him in a crouched walk instead of straight upright.

  8. looks awesomme and i wanna know the parts of the gun looks so good and wanna make one

  9. Lucas: To be honest, I don't remember the exact parts I used. I think all of them come from the kit itself though. I don't remember having to go get anything else to finish the conversion.

    I know the scope is one part, the gun is separate from the handle (which has his hand already attached to it) and the stock is its own piece as well. So four parts overall. Some trimming is required to get the pieces to fit together, but it's not much.


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