Spiderman Techmarine conversion complete

And then there was more pinning and test-fitting to do.
This guy took a while to assemble, mainly because it was from scratch and then I wanted to at least make sure he was going to be able to stand up on his own.
Not many people play with their models lying down these days.

So here he is. Assembled.

He's been forwarded to the paint department now (the other side of my desk) where he's already been primed and should get his base colors this week.

I count this as a successful build.
I think I was able to capture some movement with the model and take a somewhat static pose and give it some life in addition to making all new servo arms for him that fit visually and are believeable looking.

Project Link: Follow my Techmarine project

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  1. Loving Doc-Ock there Ron. I might have to do an Iron-Priest now.

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  3. You've managed to capture a brilliant pose there I reckon. Gives a lot of movement to the mini. Looking forward to seeing him once your Paint Department has done its job ;)

  4. I am following your lead on this, Ron. I have bought my priest and I have wire but am having trouble finding plastic tubing. I bought some fish-tank air tubing. It may be a little too large diameter but we shall see.


  5. Fantastic stuff mate! Can't wait to see him finished up

  6. Very nice! It looks even better than I thought it would!

    Consider the idea files away, ready to be stolen... :D

  7. That's pretty sweet. I'm eager to see him painted.

  8. That is an excellent conversion, you are a master :)

  9. Pretty slick there buddy. :) I'm sure he'll be badass when you finish it up. You still doing mostly red right?


  10. The only con I can see is transporting that guy. He's gonna need his own chunk of tray half the size of a rhino.

    Still, he looks sweet, and I hope it's someeone's Master of the Forge. That's a servo-harness that looks like it might actually be of use in combat.

    Looking forward to the painted pics.

  11. Thanks guys.
    He's actually going to be painted mostly black with just a red shoulderpad. Of course the servo arms and such will be metal.

    I'll post pics when he's all painted up.

  12. wow thats awesome!
    It looks like this guy could be a major pain to assemble, with all the metal pinning and individually cut tubes X-D
    I'm highly impressed with your conversion work!
    -Plastic Shavings.

  13. Very impressive, but how are the arms attached?

    Are they stuck on, left unglued, or magnetized?

    Beautiful model and I'm sure it'll be painted to your usual very high standard.



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