Converting a Space Wolf Rune Priest on a bike

This is a Guest Post by Jon

This guy is a model I've had kicking around in an unfinished state for a while now. A friend at my FLGS has started up an escalation campaign, so I decided to use the campaign as motivation to finish him up.

The campaign calls for your army to be led by a character that you develop -- your army's hero. This guy is going to be a Rune-Priest named Skeogul.

The head is another one of the beautiful Chaos Marauder horsemen heads, the lightning claws (err Wolf Claws) are from the assault terminator sprue.

For the claws, I'll leave the ones steering as metallic, while the ones swiping will be painted as being energized.

Now here's where I'd like some opinions: should I go with the cape or the wolf's head backpack?

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  1. Go with the backpack. the cape is really too much. Mainly because of the way it sits on the bike instead of being wrapped and more flowy

  2. I built a guy just like this a few years ago for a friend :)

  3. I think we all have the Wolf Lord on bike.
    I have mine on a chopper with the beared flagellant head.
    Definitely the pack unless the cape is g/s'd.

  4. I agree with the consensus so far. The back pack looks to be the better option. Nice use of the Marauder heads. They are some of the best head sculpts that GW have done in my opinion. Got lots of them to use for my next unit of Marauders on foot now too!

  5. Yeah, I'm hoping that the rumored 20 or 30 heads on the SW sprues go more the Nordic route of the Marauder heads than the Mad Max route of the two that have been shown so far.

  6. I'm throwing my two cents in for the backpack. I think it looks better.

  7. He must have the backpack, he's a marine after all, but I miss the since of speed the cape gives him. Any chance you could do both? Or some flag or something? Something that gives it the sense of speed it needs. I imagine the right claw is about to decimate the enemy after all, so it needs speed.

    Unfortunately one can't just go the Orky route and just paint it red :)

  8. I can just imagine the cape getting caught in the back tire :S

  9. Backpack.

    I think cloaks go fine on footslogging guys, but I just have this mental image of the cape getting caught in the back wheel, a la The Incredibles on capes.

  10. Of course! How could I have forgotten Edna Mode?! The backpack it is!

  11. Might "Hudson" be equal to "Jon" by any chance? *slightly confused*

    I still say that the model needs something small that conveys speed. Maybe a nifty pink scarf? Or, well, something cooler :) I want flags, but it would make it a bit too much like the presidents limo.

    Either way, very cool model!

  12. Well since he is a rune priest you could use the longer purity seals from some DA sprues or just GS some, although you would have to be very careful about placement as it could make the overall figure too "busy". Maybe a couple of wolf tail tassels attached to the backpack might work but I have found that they break off too easily.
    At any rate cool mini, very much a SW character!

  13. Well what about tassels on the ends of the handle bars? I think that would be a very fitting addition. :) You could also do a small Elvis cape off the back of the pack too. :)

    Seriously though the pack is a much better choice and I think something small but noticeable would be great to convey that he is moving out at a high speed. I likethe look of it so far.

  14. Oh come on Steve and Flekkzo, we all know that pink scarves and tassels on the handlebars are just so totally Raven Wing!

    Yes, Flekkzo, Jon = Hudson. One's my real name, and the other's my "nomme de cyber"

  15. I have to say Jon, I am going to have to disagree with all and go cape.


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