Spiderman Techmarine servo arms mocked up

Let's be honest, there's not too much that can be done with this model really. It's metal and doesn't lend itself to conversion well. But, there are a few key things that can be done like repositioning his arms to give him a more dynamic pose.

Naturally, he'll go on a cool 40mm base from Dark Art Miniatures (their urban base line), but for now, he'll have to settle with the 25mm one he came with.

So far, all I've got is the wire I'm going to use as the base for the new servo arms. It's a fairly heavy gauge floral type wire that holds it's shape well. A little yellow tac and I figured out how I wanted the arms posed for maximum coolness.

Since he had four arms to start, I'll be making four new arms to replace those. When I got this project from my client (I was doing a Librarian model for him) I had a fairly good idea of how I was going to build this guy... I just didn't have the specifics nailed down.

So I broke out the drill and started to drill out the connection points for each arm. The holes are slightly bigger than the wire so I could fill the void space with greenstuff to try and solidify the connection.

The real challenge had yet to come, getting the servo arms bulked out properly.

Project Link: Follow my Techmarine project

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  1. Interesting. I'm curious to see where this goes.

  2. I am watching this with rapt interest. I am a lousy but enthusiastic converter and would love more cog boy types. John

  3. Looking good Ron - Your conversion work is always amazing and I really appreciate all the in-progress shots! It's definitely helped my modeling, you've been the originator of several "Oh! THAT'S how to do it!" moments for me. Keep up the great work - Ave Omnissiah!

  4. This one is easy guys, there isn't much more to him actually. I'm putting together another post or two and that'll be it on this guy.

    Of course I get to paint him too but that'll come at a later point.

  5. Hi Ron, it's looking good mate!! To bulk out his Doc Oc servo arms you can always wrap some fuse wire tightly around the floral wire you've used, I've seen this used before and it looks real good and is nice and simple to do!!

  6. First, I like the doc oc idea, I cant wait to see how it turns out.

    Second, I have thought about a plastic tech marine for a bit and the only way I thought of to do it was the dev box. You would have to customize the armor yourself (either GS plates or plasticard), Then you put together arm ends with bits you have (flamer/welder, CC, ect... You can really go nuts here, who says a tech marine wouldnt have a cup holder arm? :P) Then using the backpack bits from the dev sprue (depending on which one you like/think makes sense, I think the multi melta one looks like it has the bulk for it), you can build your arms using the hoses from the weapons and the missile launcher backpack combined with a bit of guitar wire. Presto, plastic tech marine (now if I could just get my genius to focus on my scratch built daemon prince...).

  7. I like this idea, cant wait to see more of it. I would really like to see how you plan to do the arms on him.

  8. I love the finished work....I can't wait to see him all painted up. A perfect FOTF. I do have a question. What size wire are you using for the weapons arms and where did you get it? I have floral wire, but I am not sure it would be thick enough. Also, do you think that craft beads from a necklace would work for the various joints?

  9. jugger: I think it's 18 gauge floral wire. It's real heavy duty stuff. You can pin models with it and I actually do.


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