Immortal Host DIY Space Marine progress

I did a little bit more work on my current project this past weekend.
I've got a Land Raider Crusader and some bikes left to finish but I wanted to share some of the stuff I got done recently.

This is a Deathwatch Librarian that has been assigned to the company. I still need to finish his base and his banner.

I'm not sure where this Servitor will end up, but I'm sure there's plenty of work for him in the battlefield. Like the Deathwatch Librarian, he still needs his base finished.

These guys were a nice break from regular power armoured Marines. I never realised just how much I enjoy painting up Scouts until I started working on these guys.

And last but not least, a Captain for smaller games. He's got the standard color scheme but I spent a few extra minutes and gave him some heraldry on his left shoulder pad.

I'll be posting the Land Raider Crusader progress in the coming weeks as I get it finished up.

My Project Link: Space Marines Commission

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  1. Looking really good - I agree on the Scout comment - they are a nice break from power armour and I really enjoy painting the little fellas too!!

  2. I love the color scheme. Everything is looking great!

  3. This is such an awesome project, there is nothing I don't like about it! The colour scheme is great, the Chapter name is great, and you have a Deathwatch Librarian which just tops it off. Nice work mate I'm sure the customer will be over the moon.

  4. Thanks guys, my Client had a good plan when we started the whole thing so it's been a pleasure to help him build the army.

  5. Absolutely super. I really like the base on the dreadnought.

  6. Its all very lovely, but I SERIOUSLY hate the way you said "spent a few extra minutes and gave him heraldry"...that was only a few minutes?! My gosh! ;-D
    -Plastic Shavings


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