Skulltaker mounted on chariot, the solution

With a solution, I set out to mock up the complete model. It has a good scale, everything fits together, doesn't seem to be any problems... this is going way too easy.
Oh, that's right, all I did was tack everything in place temporarily.
That's why.

So what exactly was I looking at having to do?
1. Resculpt the Skulltaker's neck to make him appear to be looking a little more forward.
2. Rebuild the floor of the chariot with a recessed opening for the 25mm base the Skulltaker is on to sit inside comfortably.
3. Fill in the joints around the flesh hounds parts and resculpt one of the necks to turn it's head slightly to the side so the model flows visually.
4. Scratchbuild the chariot body and attach the spiked wheel guards.
5. Scratchbuild the yoke and flesh hound harnesses.

Here's the hound that had the most work done to him. It might not seem like much, but it the end, it's worth it to take the extra time and fill in gaps and adjust the model so it works perfectly with the rest of the pieces.

And here's one painted up. The whole piece was done in the classic colors and I used the same ones throughout to tie everything together. There's some purple in the Skulltaker and so on, that way the whole thing looks like one piece.
These guys stayed on 25mm bases until they were ready to go on the final base so I had a way to hold onto them without damaging them. All I did was snap off the 25mm base and drop them into slots cut into the larger base when it came time to transfer them over.

And what respectable follower of Khorne would be caught dead without spikes coming from the wheels of his chariot. As if I was even going to think about not doing this. And spikes on the fenders is trendy, all the cool people are doing it.
Actually these few bits really help with completing the model and making it all look convincing. I didn't add spikes everywhere, just the very front of the model and the very back. That way your eye travels all the way down the model and you've got a starting and an end point. Thrown in the curve made by the flesh hounds (with that extra bit by turning the hound's head slightly) and you've got a nice movement to the model as well.

Project Link: Follow my Skulltaker project

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  1. Great progress, I especially like how well the Skulltaker fits with the Chariot without looking too big. I know a complicated thing with this character is his use with WFB and 40k, which means different bases. You seem to have it sorted though mate! Did you ever think about magnetising just the base of the feet and creating a few bases to accompany the Skulltaker depending on the situation?

  2. 73rd: Alot of times I build to the project or what the client asks for. In this case, he (the Skulltaker) is for 40k and actually my client was going to go with leaving him mounted permanently. He was just going to buy another Skulltaker if he wanted to play one on foot.

    I mentioned that it might be possible to magentise the model so he could have both options without having to buy another model. Turns out, I was able to pull it off and now he doesn't have to buy another one.

    There are so many things that can be done with models today, especially with magnets. Our options as builders is almost limitess with a little planning.

  3. Awesome mock up. Really like what you've done here and the amount of thought you've put into the flow of the model. The painted Hound is brilliant as ever. It's a very stylish chariot for Skulltaker to be travelling in :)

  4. Elazar: Thanks, I'm fortunate it all came together really well in the end and it looks even better than I thought it would.

  5. When do the skulls come into it? It needs skulls!

  6. There's one skull on a spike on the other side... is that enough?

    Just kidding, the entire body of the chariot is painted in them, you'll see it in one of the upcoming posts.

  7. That is really nice looking. I can not wait to see how it all looks once finished.

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  12. To the previous Skulltaker poster, no text is coming through on your prevous few comments, just blocks.
    You might want to look at your settings, I'd love to hear what you've got.