Raven Guard Terminator Librarian conversion

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a Client interested in having a Space Marine Librarian made up similar to the one in the old Codex.

After a bunch of emails, I was able to get the mock-up seen above done and sent off for approval. As you can see, I didn't even have all the bits yet, I ended up using Photoshop to block in some colors in the general shape of things to come. The shoulderpads are paper cutouts to represent them until I could get the real ones built.

Here's what it came down to...

The right hand has blasting lightning from it. The lightning is made with deformed paperclips. I used the hand from the missile launcher Space Marine that I greenstuffed onto a Terminator arm (a Storm Shield arm). I had to resculpt the forearm and the back of his hand to clean things up.

The chest has the classic Librarian cables running down the sides. I don't usually add the cables when I make a Terminator Librarian with the Pre-Heresy shoulder pads because the model can quickly become crowded and look overwhelming. In this case though, the pose of the model is upright and both arms are really wide open, so I thought it might work and my client was willing to go with the results.

The sword was another poject in it's own. My Client had a clear idea of what he wanted, I just needed to build it.
I ended up using the sword blade from the Darks Angels sprue (not the one pictured above), the eagle from the previous 40k starter set and a Terminator Thunder Hammer arm that I cut to fit. A small piece of plasticard and a properly placed purity seal finished the conversion and added stability towards the end.

The base is from Dark Art Miniatures and it's one of their 40mm urban bases.

Project Link: Codex Space Marine Librarian conversion

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  1. Try adding some smaller wire to the lightening for more texture

  2. Awesomesauce. This puppy will look great when it's finished, I'm sure!

  3. Thanks Kevin.

    Good point Chris, I kept the lightning uniform for consistency in this case. Sometimes it can be hard to find that balance with models and knowing what to add and leave off. Another concern can be knowing what to show through modeling and what to show through painting.

    A lot of times, I end up talking it through with my Client to make sure they're happy with the end results.

    I never realised how much of a give and take it is when you're working for another person.

  4. Most excellent start Ron. But I don't quite agree with the WIP angle of the sword arm though; it looks a bit pansy-esque from the photo; if you don't mind my meddling, I think you could try raising the sword arm further up for a more imposing stance.

  5. Horatio: I see what you're saying. When it came to the final pose though, the arm remained in a simalar position based on the other changes that were made.

    His stance was changes slightly and after trying a number of positions for both arms, I decided on this one for the sword arm because it "looked right" and seemed to fit best with the overall feel of the model and trying to maintain a balance to make him look believeable.

    Another consideration was keeping the pose open with both arms wide apart and making the lightning arm look like the focus. Raising the sword brought it to attention and it competed for which arm was the most important on the model.

    Thanks for the critical eye though. It's nice to know people are looking and thinking about what I'm putting out here. Keeps me on my toes.


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