Forge World Eldar Revenant Titan completed

And here's the finished Titan ready to do battle.

Some notes on painting this project:
+ The scheme was decided by my client to match his own craftworld.
+ I tried to really blend my highlighting for smooth transitions.
+ I brought some highlights up brighter than others based on location.
+ The palette was limited to only a couple colors.
+ I went with a green wash over the metals for an exotic, Eldar look.
+ I limited which gems were made red to avoid the "Christmas Tree look."

All in all, this was a fairly easy model to paint but a huge departure from painting regular Space Marines. with so much open area and just the sheer scale of this thing, I used larger brushes for most everything and had to change the way I normally paint.
Like everything else with a project this size, you really need to have a plan before you start... from the pose, to the base, to the color scheme and everything in between, you need to know exactly what you're going to do ahead of time.
With a little bit of work (a lot actually) these are great looking models and lots of fun to take on as more than a weekend project.

I think Ron has nailed this project, it looks great. I would also like to point out that he mentioned this was, "a fairly easy model to paint". I think some people are intimidated by resin because they think it will be difficult to work with.
While I agree the price can be intimidating, the building and painting should not be. As Ron also mentioned, you really need to have a plan. With a decent plan laid out, most of us are capable of adding resin to our repitoire of pewter and plastic skills.
- The Inner Geek

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  1. Wow. This is just excellent. The highlights look very smooth! Out of curiosity what colors did you use for the black?

  2. I have to agree the model looks great the colors are very crisp. I would like to know which colors were used for the greens, because the way you did used them was just fantastic. The customer should be more than pleased by how it turned out.

  3. Great work ron, Finished model looks really good!

  4. Wow. What an amazing looking model. Great work mate.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  5. Sweet Mother of Pearl you finished this one fast.
    Looks great too,so whats next on the plate :)

  6. WOW! That was really quick, and it looks amazing.

  7. Absolutely phenominal model Ron, fantastic.

  8. Beautiful work, sir. Simply beautiful!

  9. you did a nice job Ron. You minimalist paintjob makes him look really menacing. Love the black and grey body! Are you making your living out of this now? How do you have the time to paint one of these?
    Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer

  10. Thats crazy fast to get that good quality!


  11. Wow that was fast! Unless the basing was a few days ago X-D Looks VERY awesome!

  12. Nice clean flowing look on the Eldar there. The metal then green wash really is nice. First saw it on GWs pages and tried it out on a Warmachine Cygnar Hunter, gives it a really odd be cool feel.

    I am also a sucker for smooth painting. I do wonder how it would look if one would take it to an extreme and have long smooth transitions between highlights and base color and only use sharp lines when one wants a specific contrasting effect. Guess I have to either get good or hope Ron can take on a commission for me :)

  13. Thanks everyone.

    Hal'jin: The black is spray paint from Walmart. It's nothing special.

    Steve P: The greens are Dark Angels green for the base and layered Snot Green for the highlight.

    Capitola Family: To be honest, I work at it every night. Even if it's just an hour or so. There is no break these days. The wife no longer works but doing this allows us to keep up the things we started for our Daughter over the summer.

    Chin: It goes quick. I post progress every other day here but this guy still painted up quick.

    Flekkzo: It's a nice effect, I do it sometimes with my first highlight... a nice smooth transition into the base color and then hit a few key spots with a sharp line highlight.

  14. Fantastic work Ron. I like the green especially!

  15. Awesome work Ron, I might just have to buy one of those guys for myself now! :)

  16. Very tight, Ron. I think the buyer would have done better to allow you a little bit more freedom on this one, though. I think the model is crying for a third color, even if just on the helm.

    Was applying the wash to metallics more difficult than an opaque color or was there no difference in the technique?

  17. Excellent work, as usual, Ron. Super smooth paintjob, crisp highlights, evocative color scheme.

  18. I really love what you have done with the green hue on the metallics.

    The progress updates and tips from yourself and the Inner Geek have been great.

    Well done.

  19. Johnathan: That's been one of my bigger learning lessons... how to paint for others.
    I'll usually throw in a suggestion or two, but for the most part, I try to build/paint exactly what they are looking for.

  20. I was actually hoping you'd say what colors have you used for highlights on the the black. ;)

  21. Very impressive looking (and maybe even more impressive is the speed with which you apparently finished it)!

    While I'd agree the color scheme is rather minimalist, does it really matter with something like this? The green glaze on the metallics is a nice touch - not overdone at all.

    I'm pleasantly surprised that you painted it with brushes - I'm just about to start painting some vehicles and was fearing I'd need to invest in an airbrush. Judging by everything you've said so far, I ought to be able to pull things off easily enough with my usual paint thinning and a little more care.

  22. Great!
    What a wonderful work!
    very good choice for the colours!

  23. Great work here as always. If I can ever convince my wife that I actually *need* a Titan I hope I can convince you to paint it!

  24. Hal'jin: The black highlights are just two lighter shades of grey. The first is a middle value that is thinned slightly and then blended into the black and then just the edge is touched with a much lighter grey in the prominent areas.

    Tinweasel: I went back with silver after the green wash and muted the green in some areas. It's a strong wash and instead of thinning it (I wanted it to be strong in the recesses), I just went back and drybrushed silver in some places to tone it back down.

    As for the brushes, I just used larger ones. Simple as that. Same techniques and everything just on a larger scale.

    Renegat: Thanks

    dzer0: If you can convince your Wife, let me know what you say... because mine will never go for me buying a model like this but I can still paint yours.

  25. I think the paintjob is awesome.
    My only quibble is the *hint* of timidity in the pose when compared to the original sketch. Its ended up more "cylindrical" (tall and skinny) than "spherical" (arms and legs akimbo), more static than dynamic. I guess the laws of gravity won out. If I had you skills I would have added a sizeable weight to the base and allowed the model to outreach it.
    Still 9.9/10!

  26. Anon: The original sketch is the picture from the instruction book. That wasn't the original pose but you're right, the laws of gravity had a huge impact on construction.

    Ove half of the work involved in this guy went in to the pose and making sure he would just stand upright. It's the opposite from little models for me. Those you spend all your time painting them because construction takes 30 seconds.

  27. Why didnt you do a giant, walking, shooting christmas tree? ;)


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