The first steps to building a FW Eldar titan

I sat down the other day with my client and asked a bunch of questions (like I usually do) to get an idea of what exactly he wanted this guy to look like in the end.

Sure, I have my notions of how it should go, but it's not my model and with something like this, I really want to try and get the finished model to look like what they imagine it should look like.

So I made some notes and took some of my own advice and made sure I had all the pieces before beginning any work.

Now that I know I have all the pieces, it's time to start getting rid of those mold lines. I'm fairly lucky this time, the pieces don't seems to have real bad mold lines, so hopefully it won't take too long to get them in order.

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  1. Nice to see the entire model layed out like this and it will be interesting to see your progress. I will be putting one of these together soon (with Sonic Lances and magnetising the extra Scopion pulsars I have left over from my Storm Serpent conversion so I can swap out the weapons) so it will be a good guide.

  2. Holy cow, that's a lot of pieces. Better keep inventory on them. ;)

  3. This reminds me of how I used to assemble Gundam model kits. Rock & roll, Ron! With so much surface area to cover, will you be airbrushing the Titan?

  4. Horatio: No airbrush here, my experience with them is very limited.
    The base color is spray painted and then I'll go back with a large brush to cover any missed areas. Then it's small brush work from there on out.

  5. I just ordered my first items from forgeworld. I hope they turn out well. The quality seems to be nice on them. Though mine are not titans, though lots of pieces is nice, at least I see it that way.

  6. Hmm...challenging, very challenging. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick up some of big-model-painting-techniques as you work on this titan.


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