Skulltaker conversion chariot construction

Once I got the new idea mocked up, I took everything apart and started building it for real.
The Skulltaker was mounted on a 25mm base and his neck was resculpted so that he looked forward while riding in the chariot.

I took a spare 40mm base and traced the outline of the 25mm base on top. Then I cut out the opening and made sure I had enough space for the 25mm base to sit comfortably inside. This would be his "on foot" base. A piece of plasticard on the bottom of the 40mm base allowed me to add a magnet to the underside of both the 25mm base and the inside of the 40mm base so that when you picked up the Skulltaker, his base came with him and you didn't have to worry about the model coming apart during game play.

The pic below shows the magnets in their final locations to give you an idea of how they work. The Skulltaker's 25mm base has a magnet on the underside that attaches to either magnet in the bases.

There's a glimse of where the D6 wound counter was going to go on the base, but in the end, it was left out since the model looked much better without it sitting on the back of the base. It detracted from the finished model so much that it had to come off.

And here's the Skulltaker set inside the chariot. He fits perfectly with just enough room on the sides to allow for his cape. The floor of the chariot was cut out and recessed so that the top of the 25mm base sits flush with the original chariot floor.

Here's the yoke for the 2 Flesh Hounds. You can see the body of the chariot as well. The front of the yoke is a Fantasy bit I think.
The chariot body had a huge Khorne symbol bolted to the front made of plasticard and you can see the additional trim that was added using more plasticard and cardstock.
Of course there are 8 bolts holding the Khorne symbol in place.

Here's my desk in the middle of the build, lots of little pices lying everywhere. You can see the hounds on their 25mm bases sitting on top of the larger base. I spent a good deal of time making sure everything was going to come together and fit properly in the end. Lots of test fitting before cutting.

And here's the final mock-up (minus the yoke and chains for the hounds). Like I said, lots of fitting to make sure everything was going to work.

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  1. Wow, lots of work! I like the way you've done the recesses for Skulltakers base and so that he can be used on foot as well. The chariot looks really well put together and you're correct, the piece you're using for the yoke is one of the Marauder Standards on the fantasy sprues :)

  2. Elazar: The model was tons of work, but in the end, it all paid off. I've only got two more posts on this project so you get to start seeing the results soon.

  3. It is looking really good, I can’t wait to see the final product.
    Where do you get all your card stock? I ask because I can only ever seem to find the white card stock that has some sort of cuts into the one side.

  4. Steve: I use three main things, the plastic signs (found at hardware stores), cereal box cardboard and regular posterboard.

    I tried using real "plasticard" once but went right back to the stuff I know how to use.

  5. This project is quickly turning into one of my all time favorite conversions. It's lookin' really good and I'm eagerly anticipating the final. :)

  6. This look realy good but how is it going to work on the tabel

  7. Instead of the die as a wound counter, how about littering the base with skulls held on by magnets. Then for each wound you remove a skull from the base. I did that with my orks and it works well. Each ork has 1less item than they have wounds so when they loose their last wound I just remove them.

  8. Warpspawn: I have no idea but he looks cool. He might not doing anything at all during a game but he'll look good doing it.

    WookieGunner: Never thought about magnetised skulls as wound counters. That would be interesting to see.

  9. What can I say. Looks brilliant as all our stuff does. Can't wait to see it finished, but I can tell all that work produced awesome results!


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