My studio and the projects I have lined up

This sign sits next to the register at Game Vault, absolutely perfect if you ask me.

I stopped in the other night to pick up some supplies for a few of my upcoming projects and see who was out and about on a Saturday night.
The place was packed too, they were finishing up a 40k Tournament.

But getting back on track...

Here's the new studio, it's not much, but it's home. I don't ever want to hear another person complain about how small their area is. I'm just happy to have some space to call my own.

Adeptus Custodes
These guys are done. I'll have some progress shots this week from the work. I'm trying my hand at making some small greenstuff banners for the Sergeants in the squads. A little more "life-like" than the cardstock ones I usually do.

Sould Drinkers Chapter Master Sarpedon
I picked up the resin base I'm going to use for him. It's the 60mm urban base that comes from Dark Art Miniatures. Game Vault is expanding their selection and as soon as I saw this the other night, I had Cathy (the Owner) set one aside for me.

Eldar Titan
I mentioned this one a little while ago. As soon as I finish Sarpedon, work will begin on this guy. I've already started some of the preliminary stuff.

Forge World Daemon Prince
The real reason I went to my FLGS. I needed to talk to a friend of mine about a small conversion project involving the new Forge World Daemon Prince. More on this in the coming weeks though, it's a small "wing job" but it will make the model look even better when done.

The Commander's Field Handbook
The guys at Pathfinder have been real patient with me, but I think their tolerance is wearing thin. Look for the Imperial Guard page real soon. It's actually two pages since there's so much good stuff on there.

Gale Force Nine
While I was there, I managed to talk to one of the terrain guys from Gale Force Nine. Real nice fellow and we talked about terrain for a few minutes.

It's official now, I didn't want to admit before but I know it's true.
I no longer play 40k, I just model and paint.
When they told me the new book was on the register, my first thought was " I wonder if there is any cool pics of terrain in there."
I thumbed through it while I was buying my greenstuff. I skipped all the rules... but they do have some cool pics in there though for those who are interested.

So it looks like there's lots to do for this summer, big stuff, little stuff and all kinds of things in between. I'll be updating frequently and I'm going to try and stick to one project at a time so it's easier to keep track of everything.

UPDATE: This post is fairly old and my studio has gone through a number of changes, but is still no bigger unfortunately. Sometimes it's nice to look back at where you came from and where you're going.

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  1. I'm sure Planet Strike has some cool rules and scenarios and all (and I've thumbed through it) but it feels a lot like another round of "Buy more models!" like Apocalypse was.

    There ARE, however, some awesome pics of terrain.

    Looking forward to the pics of the Custodes and Sarpedon.

  2. I can't wait to see what you make of Sarpedon - I can't quite fathom a marine with a spider body looking all that great...

    Raptor: Everything GW do is a round of buy more models - thaat is their function, after all...

  3. Hi Ron,

    please take a look to my last painting-report :)




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