Custodes Sergeant banners

With all the actual Custodes models painted now, it was time to start the banners for the two Sergeants.

I am fortunate that a lot of my clients give me plenty of room when it comes to trying out new things and experimenting. This case is no different. I asked if I could try my hand at making greenstuff banners instead of the regular cardstock ones for these guys and my client happily agreed.

I've done something similar for a repair on an Epidemius model before but it wasn't exactly like this. I know I can do it, it's just going to be a matter of refining my technique until I can really get the results I'm looking for. Right now, I can't quite get what I have in my head to materialize. I lack the skills right now so it's gonna take time.

Building the banner wasn't without problems. It's small and somewhat delicate to handle. You can only sculpt one side at a time and you have to let it dry.

Here it is in relation to the a plastic banner. I suppose it's just as easy to go with the plastic one. I think this technique will start to shine with the bigger banners (Chapter sized) when I start making them.

Sorry about the bad pics guys, I'm still figuring out how to take good pics in the new studio.

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  1. Ron, like the banner it looks really good. The only thing that I can say that I dislike and that just may be the picture is the way you attached it to the support pole. I know that it is not proper etiquette to criticize anothers work, but that is the only thing that I see that is off to me. Banner looks great, the model looks great, painting is excellent, but that one part. Like I said it just may be the picture. Could you show how it was attached to the cross support a little better?

  2. Nice tutorial. I'm currently only one to use GS to fill in gaps, but someday I might try my hand at sculpting.

  3. Steve P.: It's partly the picture, I went back and looked at the model and it's not anywhere near as obvious as it is in the picture. Usually I lower the icon or element on top down to the crossbar but I raised it slightly this time because it didn't look right resting there like usual.

    I may need to work on learning how to notch the two banner poles so they interlock together and give the impression of one solid piece.


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