Converting Sarpedon's psychic hood

This is what his psychic hood looks like. Very unique, lots of character and definitely worth trying to replicate for the model.

The first step was trying to get the "backbone" of the hood built. Everything would be added to that afterwards. I did a quick mockup with paper to get the right shape and then built it out of plasticard (actually a gararge sale sign from my local hardware store). The icon was cut in half to reproduce the little wings on the sides of the hood. Greenstuff and a few thin wires finished out the bits.

I did have to trim a little off the back of his head to make sure it fit properly inside the collar.

And here's the finished torso. I added the chalice to the center of his breastplate and made attachment points for the cables on his chest.

Other than that, this was a big win for me and boosting my confidence. I've been wanting to "do" a psychic hood for the longest time now and having something this detailed really pushed me to sculpt and model as best I could.

My Project Link: Follow my Sarpedon Conversion

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  1. Ron, I think you just helped me figure how I am going to add helmeted Librarians to my Red Scorpions. :)

  2. Odin's beard! This build you're doing is one of the most interesting I've ever seen. Very creative, awesome work!

  3. This is fantastic, Ron! It matches the illustration wonderfully, and it looks like a really clean conversion. I'm excited to see how this model turns out!

  4. @#$%in bad@#$ as usual Ron. :)


  5. I love how it's turning out Ron! Also love how you added the twitter feed on top- could my idea be catching on or is it a case of "great minds think alike"? :D :p

  6. Absolutely stunning!
    This looks fantastic - great solution for the hood.

  7. Thanks guys, this one's taught me tons about modeling the smaller details on a model. I've actually started another model similar to this one with another psychic hood, so I'm getting plenty of practice these days.

    Kevin: I'll readily admit, I get most of my ideas from you guys and what you're doing on your blogs.

  8. That is one awesome conversion. 'Nuff said.

  9. You make it look so simple! Just a few bits here and a little plasticard there and BAM! Conversion!

    It's really impressive, Ron. I really appreciate you sharing the process involved in making such a cool conversion!

  10. Now I know how to build a psychic hood! Thanks Ron!.

  11. rock on, looks awesome! Your a bad ass!


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