And now my wife's finished model

Alright gentlemen, here it is... the Wife's finished model.
Here's the first post, What?... The Wife paints too!

Coming in just under 3 hours she did all the work on her own. I didn't touch the model once. Other than answer some questions, she did all the painting on him.

She put down the basecoats, added a handful of washes and then even went back and added a few highlights so it looked like the picture in the book. She chose to use green instead of blue but now she says she should have gone with the blue.

She's already hunting around for another one to paint.

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  1. Wow, that's very nice! Is it her first time painting?
    If so, then I must say that she's got quite a good hand at painting...

  2. Hmm, your lucky that she has an interest in painting, and wants to carry on. I wonder if she will start a small army (for the painting aspect).

  3. Ha Ha, excellent work - you'd better watch out, her new blog 'From the Wife' might take over your readership... and she'll be pinching your jet bikes next! Seriously, good job Mrs Ron.

  4. From the Wife, I like it! She's pretty good at this, especially for her first time...don't smirk

    Imgaine how good she could paint if she'd had as much experaince as some of us?!

  5. Nicely done. It's certainly better than my first miniature.

  6. Ron,

    That right there is what everyone should be afraid of.

    My first miniature looked like something straight out of a 3 year old's finger painting class.

    Dam Women and their natural affinity with art!

    PS. Im secretly afraid that my girlfriend will surpass my skill's in a short amount of time.

  7. Nice work from the Mrs! This means you have an in house labor force now!

  8. From the Wife... now that's funny.

    She's beena good sport about the whole thing.
    She's real casual, like "I'm not sure I want to paint just any model... it has to capture my attention and I have to want to do it."

    On boy. I've created a monster.

  9. Holy cow! That's incredible for a first timer. I'd love to see a finished squad.

  10. Very impressive, awesome to get them involved isn't it! Well done Mrs. Ron

  11. How is she withVampires ? I have 3000pts that need painting ! Can I send them over ?

    It must make for quite a peasant evening sitting down for a family painting session. Nice one.

    All the best,

    PS. I love your blog.

  12. BTW, I meant "pleasant" not "peasant" ! Apologies.


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