Front side of Reaver Titan torso banner

I've been working on a three banners for The Inner Geek's Rever Titan over the past few weeks and I've finally finished the torso banner. This is just the front, I still need to do some work on the back with his approval.

The process is the same as outlined in my tutorial on making banners except I'm adding a little artwork to the back as well.

When I paint it, I try and finish each section at a time. Very rarely do I work over the entire banner at once. I tend to break it down into smaller areas and finished them completely. In the picture above, I'm working on the name and getting it centered exactly. If you look close enough, you can see the pencil outline for letter placement.

An the finished product (minus being mounted on the banner rod).

(click for the larger version)

I'll be adding pics of the two other gun banners in a few days once I get the post put together.
Here's what the back of the banner looks like.

My Project Link: Follow my Reaver Titan banner project

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  2. Wow great work! I love the effect of the Iron Halo besides the wings. It actually almost looks like it's glowing. Seriously nice work mate

  3. Beautful work sah! The cartridge paper looks fantastic!

  4. Ron, you are the king of banners. That looks truely amazing.

    @ King's Standard Bearer - I think that 'dimpled' look is due to it being a printed master. Meaning, it's in a printed book and Ron reproduced it. That picture shows us a comparison.

  5. Thanks guys,

    Sorry, I should have been clear... the one on the left is a color copy from the book for reference. The one on the right is the finished piece.

    I'll get some pics of the back posted soon.

  6. Stunning Ron, brilliant work - I'm envious and a little glad your just an email away to get some of these done for myself. Awesome.

  7. Very nice! What kind of design can we expect to see on the back?

  8. Itkovian: I'm finishing it tonight... it's similar to the freehand I did on the top of the LRR. It's muted and in shades of blue. Just a little history of the Titan.


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