Top 35 tips from the FTW Blogger Group

A few weeks ago, the question went out the the members of the FTW Blogger Group...

What's the number one hobby tip you have for the 40k community?

Here are 35 tips from the FTW Blogger Group members to get you started. Hopefully there's something here that will inspire you to take the next step and maybe even try something new.

From The Manufactorum
Never be afraid to experiment with new painting techniques or colors; experimentation is the absolute best way to learn and improve your skills.

From All Things 40k
When gluing pewter pieces, a tiny bit of greenstuff does wonders to hold them together while the glue sets.

From Skitarii Love
It only takes 20 minutes a day to get an army done quick!

From Adepticus Prime
Having a walkthrough for painting my Fists written down has sped up my painting of units since I don't have to spend time remembering what colors or steps I still have to do.

From Sons of Twilight... read the full post here.
Organizing your bits allows you to rapidly find just the right pieces to bring a mini together.

From the Inner Geek... read the full post here.
Take your time and pin your model parts accurately.

From Meandering the Dune Sea
If a model has multiple options, magnetize it.

From Mik's Minis... read the full post here.
Use generic cat litter for terrain rubble!

From Warhammer Tau
The more games you play, the better you get.

From Terran Forge
Always thin your paints with water!

From Pathfinder... read the full post here.
Deniance & Heat, Circles & Choices = understand these, start winning.

From Maxstar's Cloud - A World of Warhammer 40k
To find your paint quickly, paint the caps of your paint pots with the colour it comes in.

From Zen 40,000
Win your games by out thinking your opponent.

From Terminus Est
When converting, less is more.

From Paint and Plastic Soldiers
Wet your brushes when you're going to use them and close your paint pots when you're not.

From Awakening Ynnead
Natural light isn't white, so you shouldn't highlight in pure white.

From Color Crayons
To keep the tip of a super glue bottle unclogged and to prevent the cap from becoming permanently affixed to the bottle, grab a bit of heavy duty paper towel and firmly wipe with a twisting action to remove any cyanoacrylate that has built up on the tip.

From Weemen... read the full post here.
Efficient painting/modelling is not always effective painting/modelling.
Use varnish to protect your hard painted work… always.

From 40kOrigins
Find a type and brand of primer you trust – nothing is worse than a model ruined by a bad primer.

From Not Yet Done
ALWAYS water down your paints (unless it's a GW Wash).

From FoxPhoenix's 40k
Save everything, even if you think you won't use it, because you might need it for a later project.

From Albrek's Abode
Army building - Make sure your army will be prepared for anything, only 750 points can still include a Landraider and 500 can fit a Dreadnaught.

From Chicago Terrain Factory
Keep a paint list: Record all the paints used in a project for future reference.

From The Painting Corps
Get out of your comfort zone and this applies to every aspect of the hobby.

From The Back 40k
Be Friendly, and Have Fun with the Game... read the full post here.
When you loose, you learn something... read the full post here.

From Dawn Crusaders Chronicles
Respect your opponent and treat them the way you'd want to be treated.

From Gamers World... read the full post here.
You should try to achive what you reasonably can!

From Heroes of Armageddon... read the full post here.
When using green stuff, remember to discard the thin strip of blue and yellow parts where they were in contact with each other in the packaging because sometimes parts of it along this contact line can cure, leaving you with little hardened chunks in the green stuff.

From Flips Miniatures
Use mat gloss on undercoated metal models for more protection.

From Pit of the Oni
'Gamer Responsibility' - Knowing the core rules and how your army works.

From Exponent Wargames
Learn from other modelling disciplines (WW2 tanks, model railways, etc).

From Scarylion Sucks at 40k
Tamiya Extra Thin Cement, it's great for sticking small bits together.

From Space Wolves Grey
If you expect a model to perform deeds of legends on the battle table, devote some passion when you assemble and paint it.

From Admiral Drax
Play for the cinematic moments - far more glorious than victory!

From The Archlords Blog
Dont ever throw anything away.

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I enjoy your blog now since a few weeks. Is there a blogger-group for fantasy-battle around?

    Thank you in advance from a german blogger :)


  2. Yitu: Thanks. As for the Fantasy version... not that I know of. I do have some "outside 40k" links in the left column here but that's all I have so far.

  3. Ive got one tip, and one tip only. It was given to me by a Tibetian Monk while I was in Korea....

    Ok, the part about getting it in Korea was true, the rest, not so much: Paint with both hands on your model. Most people's hands shake at different rates/patterns. While you may not be able to stop the shaking, having both hands in contact with the model at least helps the model to shake in time with your hands.

  4. Great lessons, especially Drax's last one. If it ain't completely and utterly ridiculous, it ain't 40k.

  5. Thanks Ron for gathering these tips, some are so simple yet so useful!

    Just painted my caps on my paints the colour they contain :D

  6. When seeking inspiration for painting scheme and bits for conversions, look to the related armies from the other gaming systems. For example, the High Elf, Wood Elf, and Dark Elf ranges all have trooper body parts that are great for adding variation to your Guardians, Dire Avengers, and Jetbikes. They also have accessory bits that nice additions to Eldar bases.

    But don't neglect the Specialist games bits either, Eldar Battlefleet Gothic ship pieces are about the same size as the Jetbikes, Epic scale tank weapon bits are about the size of 40K weapons, and the Revenants make great source material for Wraithguard conversions.


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