Sharing wet blending techniques and options

Today I got an email from 73rd pointing me to a model he just finished using a technique I shared with him here.
The model is a Wood Elf Glade Guard and can be seen here on his blog, Whispering Woods.

Actually he emailed me a question a few weeks ago and I told him I would see what I could do with trying to explain "blending."

The post I put up on FTW can be found here. It was a real simple thing on wet blending and how I go about it to get fairly decent results, nothing Golden Daemon, but a little better than average if you take your time with it.

So 73rd takes this little nugget and runs with it... the result being a great looking model that he should defnitely be proud of.

Nice work 73rd and I'm glad I could help out a little bit.

UPDATE: I've since posted again about wet blending, this time with a much more in-depth article. You can find the article here.
If you're looking for an alternative to wet blending and ar comfortable with washes, you could try the method I used on the cloak as seen in this post here.

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  1. I read the wet blending blog with interest.

    I intend to try it, when opportunity arises.


  2. Thanks for the mention mate! My model would have looked severly different if you hadn't have pointed me in the right direction, and for those who haven't had the chance to read Ron's post on wet blending, I'd strongly recommend it as it covers everything you need to know about this technique and it certainly showed me how to go about it for the best results

  3. That Wood Elf looks amazing... I am in need of a fantasy army... maybe this model is calling me too...

  4. 73rd: Thanks, most of the stuff I do is simple honestly.
    There are far more complex techniques out there but I shoot for tabletop quality with my stuff. This is a quick and easy way to get a good result.
    Just like your model shows.

  5. Good reasons to blog. Wood Elf looks great, we all learn a little and share the rewards. Excellent stuff all.


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