No time for painting 40k this weekend

Wouldn't you know it, Mr. Bigshot here writes up a post about all the things I've learned with my recent commission to include "dedicating time for working on the hobby." And then my wife says to me...

"Is this spot supposed to be here on the ceiling like this?"
"No Dear, that's a leak from the roof," I say.
And that was the start of my weekend.

Then she discovered the ice maker has been leaking behind the refridgerator for at least a month now. The wall and floor behind the fridge were soaked and I had to rip out a good portion of the wall.

As for the roof leak, I cut out a hole in the wall upstairs and the ceiling in the family room downstairs and found the source of the leak. So far so good. Nothing too expensive, just time consuming.

And then the air conditioner broke the other night.
When it rains, it pours the saying goes.

On a completely different note, I've managed just over 30 painting points for this month so far. That will be the last time I post something saying how you just need to set aside time for the hobby and keep the distractions away.

And then my wife asked me the other night, "Did you get any painting done on your little men?"

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  1. I was about to ask how the editing on the Tau 'Commander's Handbook' was coming along ... but ... I'llll save it for another time then, eh?

    Sometimes the House just does a great big dump on your head - sadly roofs and ceilings can't wait until AFTER you've finished your little men.

    Hope everything fixes up ok. During the height of the winter here. We had to clamber on the roof to fix a significant leak, AND then we discovered a chimney pot was missing AND then the front door stuck permanently due to water ingress AND I didn't have time to paint a pip.

    Still, new baby screaming in middle of night flush trumps house falling down set of three anyday!

    Good luck fella.

  2. Ah, them girls :-)
    They have a completely different sense of priorities and reallity...
    Anyho' I hope your wife won't discover any more desasters or construction sites in your home.
    I had to do some gardening ("Honey, it's time to cut the lawn, don't you think so?") this weekend plus a little cooking event...*sigh*

  3. suneokun: I put everything on hold this weekend. I was really worried at first when I thought I had the roof leak fixed only to find out the leak originated elsewhere.

    Klaus: I don't know if my wife was messing with me or if she was serious when she asked me.

  4. Sorry for you string of misfortune, but I suppose it could be worse.

    It's stories like this that make me glad to live in a nice apartment where almost everything gets taken care of for me. :D

  5. I know how you feel man... it sucks being a responsible adult... :)

  6. Ron

    Sorry to hear about your problems. Everyone in may household has be sick over the past week so nothing is getting done over hear either.

  7. Funny story... It's just me, or women use rhetoric questions to get us do what they wouldn't?
    It seems to happen in every country!

  8. Fortunately, the cost for all the repairs will be minimal.
    That would be the silver lining in all this.

    It's just frustrating to have planned some time for painting and converting and then... that silly real life stuff happens.

  9. It's not you HRK. The female of the species likes to ask questions as a way of plodding the idle male into activity. According to the Catholic Church confessionals, Men's sins centre around lust, gluttony and sloth. O course we are slothful, after all that sex and eating. So we need prodding.


  10. Look at the bright side, how often do you get to work on a piece of terrain on that scale? I’m sure your wife can bypass difficult terrain just like mine though; she also negates cover saves.

  11. is it bad I to am using Ceramcoat from 1982, I swear the stuff just dose not go bad.

  12. dzer0: Very true, my wife is fast too... move through cover.

    Mr Syxx: If it works right? No need to fix something that's not broken.


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