The FTW Blogger Group

Everything you need to know about the FTW Blogger Group.

What we do
The FTW Blogger Group is a group of bloggers who share the same idea of promoting Warhammer 40k and the hobby in a positive light with our individual 40k blogs.

How to join
Just send me an email or cut and paste (
With the following information:
Your real name
Your 40k blog address
An email address you want all FTW email to be sent to

You can opt out of the FTW Blogger Group just as easy by sending me an email and letting me know. There are no minimum requirements to become a member other than having a blog about Warhammer 40,000.

The email address you provide will not be given out to any companies or anything like that, it's only used for FTW communication.

Benefits of becoming a FTW Blogger Group member
1. Increased exposure for your blog. More readers and more comments from people who stop by to check out your stuff.
2. Membership in a great community of Bloggers who actively particpate in the hobby and each others blogs on a daily basis.
3. Your blog listed in the FTW Blogger roll that constantly updates with the latest posts from all Group members.
4. Your blog added to the search feature so people have access to the things you post.

Please look at these few articles once you join to get up to speed.
1. How the FTW blogroll has evolved and it's current setup here.
2. 10 Things you can do to your blog to improve it.
3. Protecting your blog from comment spam.

What is expected of each Member
1. That you promote the hobby in a positive manner.
2. That you promote other FTW Blogger members by visiting their sites and leaving constructive comments and helping members when they need help.
3. There are NO dues or mandatory events you will have to participate in. Each member is asked to participate in the events that they're able to. We all lead "real lives" outside of the blogging world that take priority.
4. That you refrain from using inappropriate language, images and such on your 40k blog. Each member is to use their best judgement when it comes to these things.
Any member or blog found to be using this material will be removed from the FTW Blogger Group immediately. I believe this kind of stuff is not necessary to help promote Warhammer 40k or the hobby.

4a. I do keep a fairly close eye on the FTW Blogroll. When I find language or items that are inappropriate for the hobby, the frst thing I do is remove the blog from the list. Simple as that.
I WILL NOT tell anyone what they can and cannot post on their own blog, it is every individual's right to post what they want to but...
I WILL enforce the guidelines of the FTW Blogger Group.

If you find that you have been removed from the list, just email me and once the situation has been remedied, I will gladly reinstate the removed blog.

Displaying the FTW Group Logo

It's asked that members display the logo on their blog to promote each other and the FtW Blogger Group. The image directly above should have a clear background (you can put it over colored backgrounds) that you can copy it for your blog and scale it to any size smaller that fits your page as well.

To add the logo to your Blog, just copy the text in the box below and paste it into a HTML widget (for Blogger) on your site.

This is NOT mandatory, it's optional and left up to each member.
As a member, you can copy the image above and include it on your blog in a location you think is appropriate.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this and when you see the FTW logo, make sure to check out the blog and let the Author know what you think of their stuff.


Foot Sloggers, Tread Heads, Gunners and Glory Boys, WE NEED YOU!
In conjunction with From The Warp and inspired by Twilights 'Picking up the slack' blog, I'm proud to bring you The Parade Ground, a FTW blog list dedicated to the Guard.

If you're a Guard player (Loyalist or Traitor), sign up now!

And for those wondering what it's like to be a 40k blogger, check out this post on Corbania Prime.

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. what's the email address? I clicked on Get the FTW Widget, and now its added to my blog, but how do I officially become a member of the group?

  2. if you could reply on my blog, its

  3. I dont want outlook on my laptop so i cant click on the contact you button. If you can give me the email address Ill contact you via my hotmail!

  4. No problem, I added my email address up in the post for "cut and paste."

  5. Thanks again for making all of this possible. I'm glad to see the hobby community keep expanding!

  6. ^hopefully not to popular as the way Gaming is now being inducted into the main-stream ;_;

    just wonted to say you have a very nice site and your Revenant titan projects is rly cool! Suggestion: wondering if you could make T-shirts out of your logo?

  7. T-shirts and hats would be amazing. I love that logo and so do most of my group.

  8. I also think the logo is pretty sweet.Hats would be awesome

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. heya, just sent an e-mail to get added to the network. looking foward to working with you guys.

  11. cool! FTW... for the win ;-) glad to be a member now

  12. I'm new here and just wanted to say "hello"...HELLO!
    Im just getting back into the hobby after ten or so years of not me!


  13. Hey Ron, just wanting to say thanks for keeping my blog on the roll during my "disappearance". I'm back up and blogging again and can't wait to submit some new content to ya.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. Schnitzel: Blogs are only "retired" after a year of inactivity.
    Welcome back.

  15. Yeah!I'm very happy to be a member of FTW Blogger Group.And I the first non-English blog of the group!

  16. Thanks Ron for accepting me into the group...I plan to be the biggest Ork blog around! :P

    Thanks again!

  17. I joined up and I am still waiting for someone to come visit my site..Nothing yet =(

  18. Hey, is there an equivalent of the Parade Ground for the Tau? If not, can we try and make one? I went and made a logo like the FTW but with the profile of a Tau Pathfinder.

  19. CounterFett: Email me directly and we can figure it out.

  20. Hello there, just submitted a link for my bad moons/genesis chapter blog :) See you all around :)

  21. Hi! I've sent an email and picked the logo, can i expect to join the FTW group? Thanks!

  22. Aiwass: I think I've already got you added... I remember seeing your avatar when I went through your blog.

    If not, email me again and we'll see what we can do.

  23. Thank you Ron, happy to come aboard!

  24. Hi all, new member of FtW here!

    Men With Toy Soldiers, a blog about starting a Tyranid Hive fleet.... after a 14 year absence from tabletop games.

  25. Hello there everyone, I have just started my own blog, check it out at:

  26. Thanks for this web blog! What a great thing for the community.

  27. I've been blogging for a month now and loving it. I've just joined this group and hope to contribute and help when and how I can.

  28. Hello to all dicecasters and brushlickers (at least I like to keep my brush sharp and pointy) I would like to join the gang... Will you accept me as a member!? <- This is not a question.
    Enough of jokes... :/ not even funny.
    I am new to blogging, old to wargaming, but had a long break, does that mean that I am old in general? I am a veteran noob giving endless birth to an eldar army... I hope I got your attention... :)

  29. Lyashk: Send me your info and we'll look at getting you added to the rolls!

  30. Actually, I was sure I did...
    I will send it again.

  31. Cheers

    do i have to have a blog over here at Blogspot to become a "member" ??

    cause ive got a blog at WordPress for my ork Conversions.....

    or is it possible to add my blog........
    well whatever i just need to figure out how ti add the logo to my page than :D

  32. Thanks for sharing this article, I also want to add this to my blog.

  33. I'm Afraid I can't add the logo?

  34. Diaord: Try the code that has been added to the post now... it should work.

  35. E-Mail sent! Thanks for considering me! My blog concerning the growth of the 343rd Mordian Mechanized Infantry is a young blog, but we will grow up soon...and strong!

  36. Thanks for the add! I'm enjoying all of the diverse paintings i've seen so far. As a newbie this is helping me out and giving me lots of ideas for the future. When I can participate in the whole blog world I do.

    One thing I find that makes participation difficult is the comment settings on all too many blogs. There are no Name/URL commenting types available on most of them!

    I want to comment, but I don't want to have aim, openid or a blogger. I'm a wordpress guy with an anonymity/privacy rage against google.

    BOLS introduced me to the DISQUS plugin for wordpress. So if you have wordpress give that a shot, it's awesome.

  37. Hey, i'm new with the Blog technologie!!

    I have been painting for 10 years and don't stop getting improving. I hope people will comment my stuff so I get even higher quality.

    My speciality is ainly to paint army at low cost with minimal detail, but i have done some model that deserve apreciation.

    Fell free to add me, I would enjoy to learn all I can.
    Thank you!!

  38. Do you have a bigger or higher resolution logo?? I'd love to see if you do.

  39. Anon: Unfortunately not, sorry about that. I made this one a smaller size to be used for purpose of being placed on blogs without eating up a huge amount of space and such.

  40. Thanks for this web blog! What a great thing for the community.
    Glyn Willmoth

  41. That's really fantastic work. I love it so much that the greedy visual-data gnome in me wants more ... Thanks for sharing !


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